Miami Mayor names first CTO and moves to compete with Silicon Valley

Charlie Taylor

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has taken another step to make the metropolis the most competitive city for technology companies and cryptocurrency users in the world. Suarez named Saif Ishoof, from the University of Florida, as the first CTO – chief of technology – from the city.
The announcement was made by Tim Stenovec, Bloomberg anchor on twitter:
“News: The Mayor of Miami @FrancisSuarez is naming Saif Ishoof as the city's first chief technology officer. Ishoof is vice president of engagement at Florida International University. (…) ”
The move is being welcomed by the tech market and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Suárez had already shown a lot of interest in cryptocurrencies and even considered putting 1% of the city's reserves in bitcoin.Alter - Cryptoback

Riding the wave

According to NBC, Suárez has been in contact with illustrious names in the technology, from billionaire Elon Musk, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, and others. Communications would be an attempt to make Miami a pro-business technology hub for the tech industry.
California could be in trouble because of the recent exodus of businesses and people leaving the state. Tesla Motors, Oracle, Palantir and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise are just a few.
Elon Musk recently considered moving his company's headquarters from California to Texas due to exaggerated measures to contain the pandemic. In response, Lorena Gonzales, a Californian politician tweeted: “Fuck Elon Musk”
And Elon replied: "Message received".Alter - Cryptoback
Tesla is now preparing to move completely to Texas, a neighboring state that has significantly lower taxes. Could this be the beginning of the end of Silicon Valley? Many technology companies saw in 2020 that face-to-face work is not as essential as many believed.
Today, many companies can now do remote work even more efficiently. In this scenario, would it still be productive for companies to remain in a place as bureaucratic and regulated as the state of California?
Do you believe that the mayor of Miami will be able to bring large technology companies to the state of Florida? Leave your opinion in the comments section below.

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