Mia Linz creates NFT with exclusive hot scene, understand

Charlie Taylor

Mia Linz, one of the most recognized actresses in Brazil in the production of adult content, entered the cryptocurrency market once and for all with the launch of an NFT with an exclusive scene. Mia Linz is more than a 28-year-old actress from São Paulo, she is a camgirl, a psychology student and has hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks, a real phenomenon. She recently participated in the film Desejo Proibido, which innovated by providing audio description and descriptive subtitles for the blind and deaf. Mia Linz makes history in the Brazilian porn industryNow, Mia is a pioneer in launching the hottest NFT in the Brazilian market. If you don't know what NFT is, we explain the concept and the main sales in the post “NFT: 5 most expensive works of art on the blockchain”. In short, they are non-fungible tokens, created to give digital exclusivity and also to copyright music, movies and other works of art. The trend moved hundreds of millions of dollars in the first few months of 2022 and the market remains strong. Mia Linz's NFT contains a preview of an exclusive scene composed of 16 videos, which only the winner of the auction will have access to. Before you click on the auction link, please be aware that this is a scene with explicit content and for those over 18 only. O Mia Linz's NFT is on the Rarible marketplace and can be purchased using the wETH currency. We talked with Mia about the NFT launch to understand the motivations and advantages of this digital work:

Cointimes: For those who don't know you, who is Mia Linz? Mia Linz is a pornstar who became famous for her rapid rise in the porn industry, traveled the world and worked with the most important producers, and today she is revolutionizing the industry and breaking paradigms . You were already known for innovation in the porn market, could you tell us a little about your relationship with news and how you got to know the cryptocurrency market? It was in conversation with Bitcoinelevator, I love their memes too, I think it's super funny. Cointimes: You will be probably the first actress in the Brazilian porn industry to create an NFT and will be immortalized in the Ethereum blockchain. What made you do this? How do you feel? I feel like a pioneer lol! The idea came up in a conversation together, me, the people from the Bitcoinelevator page and Luís, my manager. We were talking about this industry, onlyfans and everything and the BTC elevator admin was explaining to me about NFT and it all made a lot of sense! It's kind of hard to understand at first, but as we realize how important the blockchain is and how it works, everything will fall into place. Cointimes: How will your NFT work? What are the advantages of whoever is the lucky one who buys it? The buyer, in addition to having a historical article – the first adult NFT of a renowned actress in the national industry – will also be able to unlock an entire unprecedented scene of mine opposite another actress I admire a lot.Cointimes: Do you believe that NFTs and cryptocurrencies can improve the work of those in the same industry? Yes, it is a model that gives more control, especially to the buyer. When we think of a subscription model like Onlyfans, when the subscriber makes a purchase he doesn't actually own the content. In this NFT model, whoever buys the content actually owns it and can even resell it if they want, I think this is much cooler for the final consumer. something that's here to stay? I think it's here to stay, for this younger generation owning a digital article makes a lot of sense, for us it might seem kind of weird but the future, as I see it, is one where owning a pixel will be more common than owning a car.

Today is definitely a historic day for the Brazilian porn industry and if you want to know how bitcoin is helping sex workers gain financial freedom, it's time to see Conexão Satoshi com Gween Black: Read more:

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