Meet the world's first electric car that mines cryptocurrencies

Charlie Taylor

Daymak Spiritus will be the world's first electric car that mines cryptocurrencies while parked. The launch is scheduled for 2023, but orders have already exceeded 350 million dollars in 60 days. Daymak Inc., a pioneer in personal light electric vehicles (LEVs), has announced that its next Spiritus electric car will include Daymak Nebula, Daymak's patent-pending comprehensive cryptocurrency infrastructure.Spiritus, launching in 2023, is the electric car offered in the Daymak Avvenire series, a robust lineup of EVs ranging from e-bikes to flying electric vehicles. Daymak is accepting Spiritus upfront payments in a multitude of cryptocurrencies, including Doge , Ethereum, Cardano and Bitcoin, making it one of the first LEV manufacturers to do so. Each Spiritus vehicle will be a node on the Blockchain and will include Daymak Nebula Miner and Nebula Wallet. Daymak Nebula technology makes the Daymak Spiritus the first car in history with mining hardware and cryptocurrency technology programmed into the user interface.

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As an emissions-free driver with solar charging capabilities, the nebula's infrastructure transforms Daymak's Spiritus vehicles into eco-friendly cryptominer nodes, which is an unprecedented milestone in the rapid evolution of blockchain technologies. story. No bitcoiner will ever need to get out of the car to do anything else. It seems that the company's marketing team has hit the nail on the head by bringing together all of their customer's interests in one car. From now on, anyone will be able to move around and mine crypto without worrying about the environmental impact of these actions. How did Elon Musk never think of this before? Maybe not, but he has already said it's a good idea: That is, while Tesla is moving away from Bitcoin because of its mining, the competition finds a way to make mining more sustainable. As we've already reported, Tesla has stopped accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment, claiming that currency mining affects the environment. This was one of the reasons for the fall in the price of Bitcoin in May 2022. Therefore, the Canadian company went after it to serve customers interested in electric vehicles, in an unusual way.

“The Spiritus car is for those who want more in life and we are committed to putting our customers ahead of the curve. We envision a future where your highway tolls, parking and drive thru order will be paid directly on the spot with cryptocurrencies. Your online accounts and banking transactions can be handled through the same software platform pays in cryptocurrency. vehicles is depreciating while parked in your garage, the Nebula Miner will make you money while your Spiritus is parked. The potential applications are limitless,” said Daymak CEO Aldo Baiocchi

DAYMAK is a Toronto-based company, incorporated in 2002. It has built a reputation for pioneering and pushing the boundaries of light electric vehicles (LEVs) in Canada. With 20 years of excellence, they continue to redefine motorized mobility, empowering individuals to find the fastest, legal and environmentally friendly means of transport.

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