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In order to further the technology behind the Venus Protocol, this community supports you in understanding how the DeFi ecosystem works which makes it possible for Venus to currently be a leading platform in the decentralized money market. This platform allows you to access loans without the need for rigorous bureaucratic procedures.

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But… What is Venus Protocol and how does it work?

Venus is a decentralized platform that can be used to lend and borrow money in the form of cryptocurrencies using an algorithmic money market based on decentralized finance (DeFi). This platform brings together lenders and borrowers by serving as a bridge in the creation of value for both parties using smart contracts in between.

The Venus Protocol also has its own token (XVS), which can be used as voting power for platform decision-making. Merchants can use the token based on BEP-20 to vote on changes such as the introduction of new types of guarantee, the modification of parameters and the coordination of product development. And of course, to invest in the project.

How does Venus Protocol work?

Through Venus, users can use their cryptocurrency assets as collateral by facilitating a secure lending environment where the lender receives a compound annual percentage yield (APY) and the borrower pays interest on the cryptocurrency loaned.

In summary as a borrower, Venus automatically calculates the amount you can borrow based on the amount of money you have put up as collateral, This means that the more money you provide to the platforms, then the more cryptocurrencies you can aspire to acquire in said loan. And as a lender, you can receive a set annual percentage depending on the type of cryptocurrency you provide.

Venus Protocol Latin America and Spain!

If you are an investor in this project or use the platform to lend money or access loans, you should join a community capable of clarifying all your doubts regarding the operation of the options that Venus offers you. In this way you can learn some tips that will make you take advantage of all the opportunities offered by Venus Protocol in terms of investments.

Made up of a team trained to instruct you on your way to understanding DeFi, Venus Protocol in Spanish is a community of enthusiasts who use the Venus protocol and have taken on the task of contributing their knowledge to the most interested users.

The advantages of belonging to this community will allow you to develop your knowledge of DeFi through useful cryptographic advice, updated news from the Venus Protocol platform, internal voting announcements and the resolution of all kinds of doubts regarding the use of Venus. Protocol.

Do you want to join this platform of Venus Protocol enthusiasts?


“Our goal is to reach more corners of Latin America to publicize all the benefits that DeFi offers us in the case of Venus protocol, which is a decentralized money market platform in which we can access loans without the need to sell our assets” .

Venus Protocol Team in Spanish

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