Meet Nanogram – Social Content Network with Integrated Crypto Wallet

Charlie Taylor

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Nanogram has entered the beta phase for testing and you can register to participate in the social network that brings together the best of Instagram, Twitter and OnlyFans on a platform with monetization resources and donations for content producers.

What is Nanogram?

According to the project’s official website: “Nanogram’s goal is to positively change the way we interact with each other through social media.” “By offering a platform with minimal censorship and give users full control of their digital assetswe are creating a space for ordinary people to not only express themselves freely, but also join the community behind a revolutionary digital currency!”

Image of the Nanogram profile page in beta.Source: Screenshot of App published by creator, Esteban. Nanogram’s layout is very reminiscent of Twitter’s design, but apparently its focus is on a more visual experience, through images and short videos, as with Instagram and open (like all platforms) or exclusive livestreams, like OnlyFans. Nanogram is a completely browser-based platform and there is no interest in developing native apps, due to the possibility of censorship and violation of privacy by what the creator, Esteban, called an “app store monopoly”. Anonymous accounts and bots will be allowed. The application is compatible with mobile access through browsers and there is also the possibility of creating a shortcut on Android or iOS through the functionality of the browsers themselves.

Image of the Nanogram Search page in beta.Source: Screenshot of App published by creator, Esteban.

Fee-free and on-chain transactions

The team claims that all transactions carried out on the platform are free of fees and that they will never keep part of what is transacted between users. All transactions on the platform will be in peer-to-peer format and carried out completely on-chain, from one address to another address and can be verified in any explorer on the network. So when you make a donation or make a payment to a content producer, the money leaves your wallet and goes straight to the recipient’s wallet.

The wallet, however, is custodial. So it is not recommended that the user keep large amounts on the platform and, whenever possible, withdraw to a non-custodial wallet where he has the private key.

Image of the Nanogram Wallet page in beta.Source: Screenshot of App published by creator, Esteban. This experience is only possible because Nanogram is, at the same time as a social platform, a cryptocurrency wallet. nano (XNO). Nano was chosen because it is a digital money built in block-lattice, with Transactions without fees and confirmed in less than a secondwhere each address has its own blockchain, which connects with other blockchains asynchronously in a decentralized network fully operational since 2015. These features make nano a great sovereign money transfer medium for transactions of any size. From micro to macro. Offering Nanogram user a unique experience to encourage preferred content producers without barriers. BRL 0.001 sent in XNO is BRL 0.001 received in XNO by the other party.

Participate in the beta phase of Nanogram

Nanogram also intends to offer limited and premium content production services to subscribers, much like the social network OnlyFans already does. Like OnlyFans, the platform will also allow the publication of adult content. At the moment the social network is still in beta testing phase and to participate it is necessary to register and wait for approval. The beta phase started on Wednesday, May 04, 2022 and the previous phase (Alpha) was only for a small number of invited users. To test the efficiency of the Nano coin while the platform is not yet available, it is possible to download any other Wallet non-custodial on here and get some fractions of XNO in faucets, on here. The most used wallets at the moment are natrium and nault.

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