March for Martyrs in the USA


DominikaKukulka / Pixabay On Saturday (September 24), the March for Martyrs – a march of solidarity with hundreds of millions of persecuted Christians around the world – passed through the streets of Washington. The organizers of the march wanted to draw attention to the current situation of Christians who are being persecuted in an unprecedented way. According to the Open Doors organization, only in 2020 the number of cases of persecution of believers in Jesus Christ increased by as much as 60 percent. According to experts’ estimates, in 2022 as many as 360 million Christians worldwide experience various persecutions and humiliations. The main torturers today are Muslims and communists. On the pages of we have repeatedly drawn attention to the fate of persecuted Christians. Interview on this topic gave us, among others abbot of Sacre Coeour in Paris – Guy Pages (expert on Islam and author of the book “The True Face of Islam”), who exposes the true intentions of Allah’s followers. The French clergyman argued that wherever Muslims begin to form the majority, they begin to persecute the followers of all other religions, especially Christians.

The main organizer of the March for Martyrs – Gia Chacon (from For The Martyrs) in her speech referred to the persecution of Christians by Muslims in Iraq. Chacon also recalled the figure of Ragheed Ganni, a Chaldean Catholic priest who opposed Islamic militants who demanded that he close the Christian temple. A Chaldean clergyman has sworn that “as long as one person comes to church, I will keep the door open.” Ragheed Ganni was killed by fanatical Islamic fighters in 2007. He could have saved his life by fulfilling the terrorists’ demand, but he chose to remain faithful to Christ until the end. When the murderers came to carry out the sentence, they asked why he did not heed their request and shut down the church. “How can I close the house of God?” – they heard in response, which was a death sentence for him. Gia Chacon also told the participants of the march about her meetings with Christians during her missions in Iraq, Syria and Uganda. It particularly highlighted the situation of Christians in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime.
– We can all see what is happening in Afghanistan right now. Christians are being hunted down and killed. This is happening in so many other societies around the world, and so few people talk about it. That is why we decided to move the March for Martyrs to Washington, said Chacón. It was Afghanistan, where the Taliban took power in 2021, that dethroned North Korea in the infamous persecution ranking. In this Islamic republic, as in many Muslim countries, the most vulnerable to persecution are those who converted from Islam to Christianity. Wherever Islamic fanatics ask whether a person is a Christian, admitting one’s faith in Jesus Christ is usually tantamount to a death sentence. That is why millions of people are forced to leave their places of residence in order to save their own and their relatives’ lives. (According to an Open Doors report, over 100 million people were displaced worldwide last year. Christians account for the vast majority of this number.) The Chaldean priest Simon Esshaki of California, San Diego, also attended the Martyrs’ March in Washington. The clergyman emphasized the courage of Christians.
– All the martyrs of our faith could come out alive if they simply denied Jesus, but none of them did, and therefore they are examples for us, how to live our faith, how to be faithful to the Lord in our daily lives. They can teach us a lot about how to carry crosses and how to follow Christ, how to endure to the end, Father Esshaki emphasized. For the inhabitants of the United States, but also for Europeans, the information that today in many places in the world the fate of Christians resembles the fate of Christ’s followers in the times of the Roman Empire seems to be almost unbelievable – unfortunately they are true. In many places around the world, Christians have to meet secretly – like Christians in the catacombs, because the hand to persecute them, along with Muslims, is also exercised by the communist regimes of the People’s Republic of China or North Korea, where Catholics are not allowed to freely profess their faith. Open Doors experts noted the (unfortunately) expansion of the so-called the Chinese model of religious control on other countries, as well as using covid restrictions to put pressure on Christian churches. The March for Martyrs organized in the USA is a beautiful and good initiative (hopefully more). Question: how many American or European TV and radio stations would like to pay attention to it and show it to their viewers and listeners? Link:

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