March begins with relief for world stock markets, says BTG Pactual

Charlie Taylor

March begins with relief for global stock markets amid falling US Treasury bond yields, a major source of concern for investors last week. In Brazil, the focus remains on the vote on the emergency PEC, which creates mechanisms for the resumption of aid. Ibovespa Futuros opened up sharply, following the greater appetite for risk abroad, but keeping an eye on the uncertainties surrounding the advance of the pandemic in Brazil. country and Congressional discussions on Budget and Emergency Aid.

Stock Exchanges: Investors

Investors are also watching possible developments in the government's economic team after the confusion involving the change of command by Petrobras (PETR4). Around 09h11, Ibovespa futures were up 1.51%. Outside (exchanges), the fall in the yield of American debt securities helps interest in assets considered to be at risk, boosting American futures, commodity prices and the currencies linked to them, such as the South African Rand and the Mexican Peso. , couples of the real.

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Scholarships: news

Veja magazine published last Friday night (26) excerpts from a conversation that would have happened between President Jair Bolsonaro and Economy Minister Paulo Guedes, after the announcement by Planalto of the appointment of General Joaquim Silva e Luna for the command of Petrobras the previous week. According to the report, the minister would have confronted Bolsonaro, mentioning that the president would be breaking his promise and entering the economic policy by “shooting” the still president of the state-owned company, Roberto Castello Branco. Covid-19 cases continue to skyrocket, with the highest average number of daily infections since the beginning of the pandemic and 17 Brazilian capitals with rates above 80% in the occupancy of SUS ICU beds. Health experts have told the country's largest newspapers that there is growing fear that the health system will collapse because of the number of hospitalizations. Folha de S. Paulo mentions the increase in the number of serious cases among younger patients , from 30 to 50 years old, who have been demanding more days of intensive care than at the beginning of the pandemic. Now, the Focus bulletin raised the IPCA forecast for 2022 from 3.82% in the last week to 3.87%, now seeing the exchange rate at R $ 5.10 at the end of the year.


Hapvida (HAPV3) and Intermédica – The two largest health insurance companies in the country concluded on Saturday night the merger agreement that, on Friday's figures, creates B3's 11th largest company (SA: B3SA3), according to the Valor Econômico.Hypera – Pharmaceutical company Hypera Pharma (HYPE3) recorded net profit of R $ 314.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2020, an increase of 31.9% in relation to the same period in 2019. In the whole year, the company added total profit of R $ 1.295 billion, an increase of 11.3% in comparison with the previous year.Santos Brasil (STBP3) – Santos Brasil's president, Antônio Carlos Sepúlveda, told Valor that the company is preparing for the auction of four liquid bulk terminals at the Port of Itaqui, Maranhão, in early April.IMC – The International Meal Company (MEAL3) informs that the 2nd Corporate Court and Arbitration Conflicts of the District of São Paulo dismissed, within the scope of a precautionary action, orders from the fast food chain KFC to revoke the exclusivity of KSR Master Fran quia, IMC subsidiary, in conducting operations in Brazil.Ford – Ford's decision (NYSE: F) (FDMO34) to stop producing cars in Brazil and become only an importer of premium models, announced in January, will turn out on the market at least 160 dealerships that will close their doors or try to migrate to other brands.CCR (CCRO3) – CCR released the weekly traffic bulletin in the road concessions it manages, in addition to the urban mobility arm and airports. On highways, there was a total increase of 0.5% between the 19th and 25th of February this year, compared to the same interval in 2020. Without the ViaSul concessionaire, which had squares implemented in February last year, there was an increase of 3% .Centauro – Grupo SBF (CNTO3), owner of the Centauro network, completed the acquisition of Grupo NWB, the network of digital channels responsible for the Unimpedidos channel on YouTube. of private plans and the tightening of income amid the Covid-19 pandemic, companies in the sector have created low-cost options to try to expand coverage and reach those who are unable to afford the values ​​of a traditional contract. According to experts, the movement attracts the attention of consumers, as it may involve products with a limited supply of services. (With Agencies) .Just click here if you are already an investorThe post March begins with relief for world stock exchanges, says BTG Pactual appeared first in 1 Billion Financial Education.

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