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“The best receipt is when a talent chooses to return”

Published: October 11, 2022, 10:00 a.m. Updated: October 14, 2022, 5:00 p.m.Sandra Thulin, Client manager, Helana Maad, Team manager and Johannes Sandberg, Client manager at Borg Owilli. Borg Owilli operates in a job market where actors fight for top talent in marketing and sales. In 2021, Helana Maad joined in the role of Account Manager, where she managed to work for a year, resign and then rejoin in just three months. Helana Maad has a strong background in marketing and sales at Metro magazine – an experience that enabled her to pick and choose in the labor market when the newspaper went to the grave. The choice fell on the content agency Borg Owilli. – Already from day one, BO felt like a second home. But, like many others at fast-growing companies, I also developed quickly, and a year later it stopped – I was ready for a new challenge. In the same vein, another offer appeared and Helana chose to move on, which did not turn out to be easy .- Even though I had finished the employment and started my new job, I found myself getting off at the Borg Owilli metro station, in the wrong part of the city. It was like I didn’t really want to quit, but circumstances made me do it. I missed having greater responsibility and more flexibility, says Helana.An eye openerGoing from a small company to a medium-sized organization requires so-called costume changes. When Helana chose to quit Borg Owilli even though she enjoyed the culture, it was an eye opener for the company. A reorganization was already on the cards and now was the right time to carry it out. This meant increased flexibility, smaller teams and individually tailored skills training. – You can’t possibly have a conclusion on everything and we are humbled by that. We are grateful that our employees feel confident in being able to give us feedback, so that we have the opportunity to implement it. We believe that the path to maintaining a competitive position in today’s work climate is spelled responsiveness, says Andrea Filling, HR partner, at Borg Owilli.Responsiveness breeds commitmentIt didn’t take long until the phone rang at Helana Maad’s and before she had barely had time to say goodbye to Borg Owilli, they were ready to welcome her back with open arms. – At Borg Owilli you dare to be transparent with your shortcomings and you don’t get caught up in how things “always have been”. Therefore, it was a matter of course to accept when it became clear that what I had raised would now also be put into reality, says Helana Maad. Meet several of Borg Owilli’s employees hereTo drive changeToday, Helana Maad leads a dedicated team of client managers, where she is given room to adapt her leadership to the employees’ individual needs. According to her, the key to achieving impactful results is to engage and inspire each person to reach their full potential – based on the methods and environments that suit them best. – We firmly believe in Helana. The reorganization in the Sales department created opportunities for a new leadership and a new way of working. For us, there was never any doubt that Helana was the right person to drive that change together with us, says Andrea Filling. Read more about Borg Owilli’s vacancies here.
About Borg OwilliBorg Owilli is a content agency that specializes in creative content and sophisticated solutions for distribution. Over the past three years, Borg Owilli has gone from 20 employees to around fifty employees and more than tripled its turnover. Visit Borg Owilli’s website here The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Borg Owilli and not an article by Dagens industri

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