Man goes viral when recovering HD bitcoins burned in fire

Charlie Taylor

With the gigantic appreciation that Bitcoin has had in recent years, many people regret that they have not properly kept their currency keys. But not all stories have a sad ending, with even people finding their bitcoins they didn't even remember they owned.
A Twitter user stated that he was "very close" to becoming the newest crypto-millionaire by recovering a burned HD even in 2011, when the cryptocurrency was worth a small fraction of the current price.

“I am close to recovering all my bitcoin from an old hard drive that caught fire in 2011. Please, brothers, respond with“ aaaaAaaaAAA ”to give me your energy. AAAaA… ”
In response, many users enthusiastically retweeted giving energy to the newest millionaire.Cointimes Awards
Blockchain data analytics company Chainalysis says about 20% of the total bitcoin supply is lost in inactive portfolios. Many people did not keep their bitcoins well at that time because they literally were not worth much. However, they would certainly be more careful if they imagined the current price of bitcoin.
But not every story has a happy ending. Former Ripple CTO David Schwartz recently said he has only 2 attempts to recover the balance of more than $ 220 million encrypted on a hard drive. This is an example of how even over-security can be an issue.
To avoid future inconvenience it is always necessary to understand how to store your cryptocurrencies in a safe and efficient way, always taking into account your needs.
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