Malware lets you see Brazilians who fell for a bank scam and bitcoin live

Charlie Taylor

Data from the “Janeleiro” malware were exposed on the internet, allowing the Brazilians who fell into the scam to be seen in real time. According to ESET's report, Janeleiro is banking malware that tricks its users with fake pop-ups allowing hackers to collect information and use bank accounts. window Window Screens – We Live SecurityThe window window focuses on corporate targets, mainly in the areas of finance, engineering, healthcare and manufacturing. It has screens for Nubank, Pagseguro, Banco Pan, C6, Bradesco, Itaú and several other institutions. But if you think you're safe by mainly using bitcoin, make no mistake, the malware also has the ability to exchange cryptocurrency addresses in real time.

Viewing victims in real time

The malware collects data from infected users and sends it to a website, where data such as the victims' IP, hostname, city, Windows version can be viewed. It sends the data in order to validate whether the victims are Brazilian or not. However, with an expert review, the site was discovered. This gives you an overview of the real-time scams in Windower. Just yesterday, we identified more than 12 hacks from different cities like Fortaleza, Limeira, Brasília, Campo Bom, Estrela do Indaiá, São Paulo and Santo André. TMT The Money Team" class="lazyload wp-image-53713" srcset=" 800w , 300w, uploads/2022/07/The-Money-Team-hacker-grupo-768x576.jpg 768w, -150x113.jpg 150w, 585w" data-sizes="(max-width : 800px) 100vw, 800pxWebsite with data from victims of the TMT scam – The Money TeamIn April ESET identified the malware, despite this, the group continues at full steam as we can see in the image above. The page with victims went down after hackers identified its discovery by third parties. Window is mostly shared via fake emails, so you need to be careful and check the source and veracity of emails and attachments you receive with it. Having a good spam filter, a well-configured firewall and especially knowledge about this type of digital trap are essential to stay safe. Read more: Buy Bitcoin at Coinext
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