Magdalena Andersson: Probably sabotage behind the Nord Stream leak


The leaks on the Nord Stream gas pipeline are probably not an accident, according to the government. “It is probably a case of sabotage,” says Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (S) at a press conference on Tuesday evening.Updated: September 27, 2022, 10:09 p.mPublished: September 27, 2022, 8:59 p.mIt was during Monday evening that leaks were discovered in the gas pipelines between Russia and Northern Europe. The leaks mean that large amounts of gas are now leaking into the Baltic Sea around Sweden and Denmark. “Two detonations have caused three leaks,” says Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson. According to Magdalena Andersson, it is a leak that is in the Swedish economic zone, two of the leaks are in Danish the equivalent. According to the prime minister, it is unlikely that it was an accident. “It is probably a matter of sabotage,” says Magdalena Andersson. The government is currently assessing that the suspected sabotage is not an attack on Sweden or Denmark. This is because the leaks in Nord Stream are not located on either Swedish or Danish territory, according to the government. “It is not an attack on Swedish or Danish territory,” says Magdalena Andersson. Foreign Minister Ann Linde (S) makes it clear that the government will not comment on possible motives or actors who may be behind the suspected sabotage. But the security policy situation is affected, according to the government. Exactly how, however, is still unclear. “That is precisely what we are currently analyzing, among other things, with all of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ experts. The same thing is done at the Ministry of Defense and the Prime Minister has called the Security Policy Council tomorrow,” says Ann Linde. The Security Policy Council includes the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Defense. Even heads of authorities are called based on the agenda. However, who will gather tomorrow has not yet been determined. According to Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist (S), Denmark is present in the area with naval units in coordination with Sweden. “All this is a sign that there is a security policy dimension in what has happened” , says the defense minister. The government has been in contact with the Danish government and also the Norwegian government. The German Chancellor is also contacted by the government. Magdalena Andersson has also been in contact with NATO’s Secretary General. “Since Sweden is now an invitee country, it is also very interesting and important that he receives information directly from us,” says Foreign Minister Ann Linde .The prime minister points out that the government is a transitional government and that it has limited room for action, but that the government can handle the situation as it has arisen. Magdalena Andersson also says that the moderate leader Ulf Kristersson, who is currently sitting in government negotiations to try to form a new government, is informed about the situation.”When you consult with the opposition, there are good opportunities to act,” says the prime minister.Does that mean that you could have more room to act compared to a normal transitional government?“What leeway a transitional government has is also about what the situation looks like.”Do you have information about a possible motive or possible actor that you do not want to share?“Right now we are in a position where we can make this assessment that it is probably a deliberate act and thus also probably sabotage.”

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