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This is how digitalisation contributes to the gig economy

Published: April 4, 2022, 08: 47Updated: April 8, 2022, 15:03Teodor Melin at Wint. Giggler, digital nomad or maybe micro-entrepreneur? In 2020, the word “giggare” was chosen as the new word by the Language Council. The phenomenon itself, on the other hand, is far from new. Freelancers and consultants have been around for a long time, but as the labor market changes, speeds up and requires constant flexibility, the proportion of “gigs” increases. Now that almost everything can also be managed digitally, opportunities open up to work anywhere. An opportunity that attracts many. Call it what you will but the gig economy is here to stay. The increasing degree of digitalisation, the acceptance of telework and the younger generations’ view of flexibility are some of the reasons. That it has become easier to start your own another. But not only should it be easy to start a business, it must be easy to run it, it also means automated accounting service Wint. And it is easy when you as an entrepreneur can focus on what drives you. – Most people who start a business, or start a gig, do it to work with what they think is fun. That it requires that you also regularly manage the company’s finances with everything it entails is easier to forget, says Teodor Melin at Wint.

Can work anytime and anywhere

As a business developer at Wint, Teodor Melin meets many who are considering starting a company – and who also do. Common to those he talks to is that they appreciate agility. Many of them get their assignments through digital platforms and apps, which further confirms the thesis that the digital world is driving the increase in self-consultants. – You who take the step to become a gig, or digital nomad, are probably a person who likes to work exclusively with digital tools, so-called SaaS services, he says. It needs to be smooth to function in your life simply. And when you work completely digitally, a new world literally opens up, suddenly you can sit anywhere and work, says Teodor Melin. Another thing most small business owners have in common is that they want to spend as little time as possible on their accounting and administration. . – Yes, accounting is a typical thing that all entrepreneurs must have, but that few really want, or can, do themselves. I mean, there are much more fun things to spend your time on. That’s what’s so smooth about Wint, says Teodor Melin. – Wint can automate your entire accounting and most of your administration. In addition, you can report time continuously and then invoice all your hours at the touch of a button. Perfect when you are on the fly, or sitting in different places every day and do not want to be bound by paper.Read more: This is how everyday life becomes when Wint automates the company’s finances Teodor Melin is convinced that the future for Sweden’s gigs and digital nomads is bright. – Every day the demand for this type of labor increases and as more companies pop up. When they can also focus entirely on their own business and let Wint take care of the boring parts, yes, then the future looks bright.

Om Wint

Wint is the accounting service that has made it easy to run a business. When Wint automates its customers’ financial administration, the accounting is handled in real time, which makes it easy to keep track of cash flow and liquidity. In addition, time is freed up that can be spent on more business-critical parts of the business – such as developing your business.Do you want to know more? Take a look at The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Wint and not an article by Dagens industri

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