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Lack of care behind every fourth death

Published: 26 June 2023, 09:14 Updated: 29 June 2023, 10:18Two-thirds of the world’s population lacks access to safe surgery – 17 million die every year. Here is a unique investment that trains surgeons in countries where the lack of safe surgery is acute. – Every single surgeon becomes incredibly important to the population, says Maya Jakobsson, program- and partnership manager at the organization Operation Smile. Here you support the investment – choose the level that suits your company. more people die from this problem than, for example, malaria and tuberculosis. We want the awareness and knowledge on a global level to be greater, among those in power and decision makers. It is a win-win for everyone if more healthcare staff can be trained, says Maya Jakobsson. Since 1982, the organization has performed operations on children with cleft lip, jaw and palate. Five years ago, an initiative was launched to train plastic surgeons in some of the countries where the needs are greatest. – The core has always been to contribute medical expertise and collaborate through the exchange of knowledge with local medical volunteers. The natural continuation is now to assist with educational initiatives in the countries where we operate.In Rwanda have the number of plastic surgeons increased from two to five in four years – and 15 surgeons are now being trained in this. On paper it may sound like a low number, but the capacity to operate is multiplied. In addition, anesthetists are trained and nurses are further trained – The capacity in Rwanda will go from 1,000 surgical procedures per year to over 10,000. Residents will have a maximum of 75 kilometers to the nearest hospital with surgical expertise. It’s actually quite unbelievable in this region, says Jakobsson. The fully trained plastic surgeons can operate on children with clefts, but can also operate on, for example, burns, tumors and carry out transplants and microsurgical interventions. In addition, each trained surgeon is tasked with training others in turn :To quote Professor Faustin Ntirenganya, Rwanda’s second plastic surgeon, “Instead of fishing for us, teach us to fish”. In a larger perspective, our mission takes on a different guise, where the entire healthcare system gains a completely different stability and accessibility for the residents than before.Since the government has announced that Swedish aid policy will become more results-oriented with a focus on humanitarian issues, Operation Smile would like to see money earmarked for the training of healthcare personnel at local level in resource-poor countries, in order to achieve long-term effects. – The availability of safe surgery is a crucial issue for sick- and health care, but it is underexposed, underdebated and underexposed, says Jakobsson. She also sees an opportunity for companies to become partners to Operation Smile, for example within the framework of the EU’s upcoming requirements for social sustainability. Together, you can work towards the goals that concern the partner company’s employees and the affected local communities. – Together with Mölnlycke Health Care, we are currently building a training center for healthcare personnel, they contribute with funding and technical expertise. This, in turn, strengthens healthcare competence in the region. The investment benefits all parties and there is a clear business benefit to working this way. Become a corporate partner here – tailored CSR projects


Operation Smile is a medical aid organization that was founded in 1982 and performs free surgeries on children and adults with cleft lip, jaw, and palate in resource-poor countries. It also contributes to the long-term strengthening of care competence in countries where the needs are greatest. Today, the business is in around 40 countries. The vision is a future where all people have access to safe surgery that improves health and quality of life.

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28 June, 10-10.45am Social sustainability and life science – shared responsibility saves lives. Vårdarenan, Dagens Medicin, Strandvägen 4.2.28 June, 11-12.50Speed-date with a CSR expert. Wisby Strand, Strandvägen 4.29 June, 2-2.30 pm Bananas and circular economy – how are the EU’s new sustainability requirements met.Summés and Dagens Media’s Almedalsscen, Strandvägen 4.2. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Operation Smile and not an article by Dagens industri

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