Lundbergs buys shares in Sandvik for close to SEK 110 million

Charlie Taylor

Published: July 20, 2022, 2:24 p.m.During the month of March 2020, the world changed almost overnight. The pandemic mass-displaced people from their workplaces and secure nets to the kitchen table, with significantly increased safety risks as a result. This has increased the demands on employees' security awareness, as well as on secure access services. But how do you keep up with the train? Security, which has always been an important issue, has since become a top priority in IT investments. However, a safe workplace is not exclusively about technology. – Digitization is a journey of change that requires continuous development and learning. The first step, however, is about man rather than technology. The new normal requires a completely different behavior and a personal safety awareness, on a deeper level than before, states Sarvi Glemfors, responsible for the Business Engagement business unit within the Digital Trust business area at Enfo.Read about Enfo's services in cyber security Enfo has extensive experience in developing both strategies and architecture, as well as planning based on the requirements that form the basis for the digital journey of change. Enfo's services in the area of ​​User Engagement focus specifically on the end user's behavior and data management, where the core is a safe and secure digital transformation journey with the user's needs in focus. Sarvi emphasizes, however, that one and the same strategy is not applicable to all companies. – It is important to start from your own business and map where you are in your development now, as opposed to before the pandemic. Where is the need for change and what do you need to do to really change the behavior of your employees fundamentally?

Do not do everything yourself

To reach the answers to these questions requires a lot of research and is far from always possessing the right skills in-house. It is therefore important not to strive to do everything yourself. When the need arises, you should instead hire experts who can draw the main features on an overall level and lay the foundation for any changes. – The user always needs to be in focus. Who should use the solutions or the technology to be implemented? How do they behave and how do they think about safety? Are there any behavioral risks?Read more about Enfo's identity solutions

Data classification is a cornerstone

However, the importance of secure solutions and technology can not be underestimated. Increasing mobility entails many complex challenges. Patrik Duckert, responsible for the Digital Identity area, therefore emphasizes the importance of creating safe and secure access to data, to ensure that the right person accesses the right information. Like Sarvi, he states that a technical solution does not suit everyone – or does everything. – Classifying and estimating their data is therefore an absolute cornerstone of security work and to achieve a data-driven transformation. If you know what data needs to be protected and how, it is much easier to build technical solutions that put on a lid of ID protection or access protection. The interaction between agile technology and conscious employees is thus a prerequisite for successful business digitization, he concludes.Read more about Enfos Modern Workplace

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