Lugano Announces Plan B Speakers, Bitcoin Conference

Charlie Taylor

Plan B Forum. Photo: Disclosure.

Tether Operations Limited (the company behind USD Tether) and the Swiss city of Lugano have announced the speakers for the first Plano ₿ Forum, a conference addressing Bitcoin and its potential for global financial disruption. Scheduled to take place October 28-29, 2022, the Forum will bring together top influencers and creators from the world of digital finance to discuss how Bitcoin is disrupting the world on a social and economic level through four different avenues: governmental, corporate. , individual and technological. The Forum promises to promote deep conversations around freedom of communication and financial freedom, delving deeper into topics such as the disintermediation of finance, affordability of financial services, unbanked people and regulation. Among the confirmed speakers are Adam BackCEO of Blockstream; Jameson LoppCTO of CasaHODL; Max Keiser and Stacy Herbertco-founders of El Zonte Capital; Peter McCormackhost of the What Bitcoin Did Podcast and president of Real Bedford; Paolo ArdoinoCTO of Bitfinex and Tether; Samson MowBitcoin Bond architect, former Blockstream and CEO of Jan3; Arnab Naskar, Co-Founder of STOKR and others. See the full list of speakers at

Periods of high uncertainty lead to innovation. Since its inception, Bitcoin has evolved as a result of this innovation, acting as a vessel for financial freedom, freedom of communication, and a trusted way for global citizens to escape threatened economies and unprovoked inflation. As a result, citizens across the world are embracing and experimenting with Bitcoin to escape hyperinflation, tight financial controls, and tight surveillance by central authorities. Bitcoin’s characteristics give it the potential to serve citizens while strengthening the financial system, acting as “solid money”, ensuring the protection of civil liberties against despotic government interference, and strengthening social justice in many areas around the globe. That’s why Plano ₿ Forum was created. To spread these ideas and educate communities globally about the freedoms associated with Bitcoin. In March 2022, Tether and the city of Lugano joined forces in the Plan ₿ initiative to make Bitcoin, Tether and LVGA the ‘de facto’ currencies in the city. This was just the beginning of a larger goal to drive cryptocurrency adoption in Europe, which also includes the launch of Plan ₿ Summer School, an educational program designed to bring crypto education to the masses. The Forum is an extension of the city of Lugano and Tether’s long-term goal of making Lugano the blockchain epicenter of Europe. It was launched with the aim of raising awareness of the power of digital assets and blockchain, as well as introducing the industry to the city and everything it has to offer the digital asset ecosystem, from the business-friendly environment to fantastic quality of life. life. The Plan ₿ Forum 2022 event website is now live and will serve as an important resource for attendees to register and collect information about the program and speaker profiles, as well as travel and logistics information for Lugano. Interested participants can visit

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