Lucky Unicorn GAME NFT with Own Blockchain

Charlie Taylor

Lucky Network (#L99), a new generation of coin ecosystem blockchain for the GameFi industry, NFT. Will DAO and Metaverse lead the trend in 2022 and many years later? Lucky Network uses L99 (Lucky Unicorn Token) as the main platform currency across the ecosystem. In this ecosystem, Lucky Unicorn is a GameFi with the coin mining engine set to “Proof of Play”, which means that players can earn L99 Coins while playing, and this is the only way to earn L99.Contract ( bep20):0x033c90840F27C83B1Aa0Ffe6Db65C954BF6ABbdd

Lucky Network:

Lucky Network is a Blockchain platform, born with the aim of optimizing GameNFT and Metaverse experiences with excellent features such as extremely low and adjustable gas rate for each GameFi transaction, high processing speed and block confirmation, open platform to support the smart contract launch for other projects.Lucky Network develops an ecosystem of core areas: AMM Dex, Wallet, Launchpad, Blockchain, DAO, stablecoin and most importantly, Legendary Metaverse. Lucky Network (LN) also allows project issuers to launch smart contracts on LN Chain and support bridging with ecosystems like Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche C-Chain, Solana, Ethereum, etc.L99 while being used on Lucky Unicorn, can be used as platform fee for other projects that run on LN chain, creating more usability for minted L99 coin. L99 is burned over time, eventually creating shortages for L99.– Have separate blockchain – It’s the name Lucky Network (LN).– Have Stake in Game, Stake in LuckyNetwork, Stake in BSC (coming soon).– Supporting about 10 Dapps.– A new Blockchain platform was launched 5 months ago with 2 excellent products, Lucky Unicorn and Blockchain Lucky Network (LN). Lucky Wallet and LuckySwap are coming).– The developer’s way of expanding the product is very responsive in combining the launch of their platform currency: L99 with Gamefi in terms of “Proof of Play”. – Investors can buy and hold, bet or use L99 to join Gamefi and mine L99 coins as well as valuable NFTs. – In February 2022, Lucky Network ecosystem launched blockchain with approximately 16 million transactions, gamefi Lucky Unicorn with more than 30 thousand NFT, 17 thousand holders in 2 chains BSC and LN and started a smart contract for Gamefi projects in cooperation with Avalanche (FishFinance, Racing Fish).– Transaction processing speed is fast, including transactions on Gamefi Onchain 100%. The gas rate is extremely low and is committed to always being extremely low, even after L99 has a high value.– This platform is anticipated to have a long-term development path and become an option for investors and startups, Gamefi, NFT and Metaverse players in the future.Lucky Unicorn NFT Game Play:Lucky Unicorn NFT Game Play:13.7 billion years ago, the Big Bang created our universe. At the same time, a legendary universe was born. Thousands of mythical creatures reside in this world, ranging from centaur to unicorn. Wielding different abilities, these amazing creatures have built a magical world in which they freely reproduce, roam and fight each other. Dive into the world of Lucky Unicorn to continue writing your own story in this mythical land!Minimum investment costs: 6,250 L99 to buy a Unicorn Egg.Use L99 as gas rate on Lucky Network: Gas rate is extremely low: 0, 2 L99 for battle and 1 L99 for changing map battle. NFT items in the game are unicorns with special qualities: Lucky Unicorn is a blockchain-based fighting and trading game that is partially owned and operated by players. Inspired by popular games like Pokémon, horse racing games and character development games, Lucky Unicorn allows players to create, collect, craft, battle and trade unicorns while still being an On-chain GameFi. Players will hatch eggs or buy unicorns from the market with four different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Legendary. Using the unicorn to collect L99 is the basic “Play to Win” mechanism. Experience points (EXP) are used to level up and increase the unicorn’s stats. The stronger the stats, the easier it is for the unicorn to win in player-vs-player games and earn more L99 coins. The earned L99 can be wagered in the pool to receive the L98, a reward token that is used to buy items, do various things within the game’s ecosystem, … Each unicorn has its own age, which will define its ability to participate in Play-to Earn event, player versus player games,… etc. Real estate is an addition to the game with various features that can help owners earn consumable items used in the game. Each unicorn or real estate is a non-fungible token (NFT) with on-chain properties that are under our own standard (Lucky Network NFT Standard).Lucky Unicorn is the only GameFi where players can mint L99 coins, with the ecosystem currency under the symbol L99. They are used in almost all Lucky Network, such as hatching eggs, trading on Marketplace or participating in minigames, buying real estate, betting, registering to buy private sales, IDO other projects on Lucky Network, platform fees,…etc .Each unicorn has 6 different skill indicators including: health, speed, recovery, strength, mana and grass hunting performance. In the process of creating unicorns and taking them into battle, as the player levels up, the player also increases the unicorn’s skill stats. This provides fundamental diversity among unicorns, with most newborn unicorns having basic stats, while those with the strongest combination of skills and equipment, leveling up, can have incredible stats. With that fact, there is no unicorn that has the same stats as other unicorns. Unicorns need grass to eat to maintain their fighting power. Grass can be obtained by playing Grass Hunting. Grass can still be used to sell and collect L99 Coins. If you don’t want to hatch eggs and raise ponies, you can visit the unicorn market to pick your favorite unicorns from other players and start playing right away!All game mechanicsPlay to win – Play To EarnAll Unicorns, including level 0 ones, can participate in quests to earn L99 tokens and other rewards. Depending on the rarity, level and skill of each Unicorn type, there will be different Plays to win turns. There are 14 different challenging terrains, players will reason in 7 classes, choose the challenge that best fits your Unicorn to earn more to earn gameGrass Hunt:Starting at level 1, Unicorns can go to Grass Harvest.From level 1, Unicorns can go to Grass Harvest. Grass Effect: Provides food for Unicorns to maintain combat strength: 48 to 216 hours depending on type. Use Grass to sell in the Market to other players who want to buy to feed Unicorns or to buy and sell Grass businesses.GUILD:Lucky Unicorn SymbolJoin the guild to fight the boss together, find valuable rewards like BNB, ETH, BTC…Market.unicorn cardsBuy and sell unicorns, grass in the marketFree to Play (Free to Play):Where we can all earn $, work hard and invest smart. A place where people who have capital don’t need time to make money; for those who don’t have capital, it only requires time and hard work, still being able to #FreeToPlay to make money. You don’t have time to care, you can rent unicorns in the market.Partners and project development roadmap:partnersdevelopment partnersgame stagesThis is a well-developed project, the development team has worked tirelessly and is very serious about their product. Let’s see what the Lucky Network ecosystem can do.Lucky Network: Unicorn: social media channels:– Global Fanpage:– Web site:– Twitter:– Global Telegram:– Telegram Chanel:– Discord:– Lucky Network (LN):– LuckyUnicorn: https://app.luckyunicorn.ioBuy and Sell Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies on Coinext
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