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We need a completely new system approach to stormwater

Published: 23 May 2023, 15:31 Updated: 2 June 2023, 14:41Maria Viklander, subject professor in VA technology and responsible for research in VA technology. Increasing water shortages and more and more floods together with an ever-increasing load on our environment mean that we have to rethink water management. Luleå University of Technology coordinates two knowledge centers, Drizzle and Dag&Nät, which are based on society’s needs, sustainability and wise resource utilization. Water shortages and floods are no longer a problem that only exists on the other side of the world, but something that also affects us in Sweden. With increasing awareness of these problems, it is becoming increasingly clear that we have to rethink the handling of our water. – Historically, in Sweden, we have long had good access to water of good quality. But now that water is in short supply here too, we must dare to change our behavior and the solutions and systems that will contribute to the transition. It may not be necessary to flush our toilets with clean drinking water, for example, says Maria Viklander, subject professor in VA technology and responsible for research in VA technology.Read more about VA technology here VA technology at Luleå University of Technology is at the forefront of stormwater research. Much thanks to the two knowledge centers, Drizzle and Dag&Nät, which, among other things, focus on methods and systems that can help us reuse water and at the same time reduce water consumption and energy costs.Read more about Drizzle here – We need to get a new holistic view at system level to be able to manage water in a more sustainable way. This means, among other things, considering stormwater and waste water as resources and finding new areas of use that can replace the use of drinking water, says Maria Viklander. The research in both Drizzle and Dag&Nät takes place in close collaboration with private and public actors such as municipalities, companies and industry organizations in order to implement research and technology in practice. Together, the centers deliver world-leading research in many areas, not least when it comes to measures to minimize the pollution load on the environment and reduce the risk of flooding in cities.Read more about Dag&Nät here– Cooperation between academia, companies and municipalities is of the utmost importance to increase the relevance and implementation of results, says Maria Viklander. It is high time we start thinking of water as a resource rather than a problem. The meaningfulness and future aspect of Maria Viklander’s job is something she values ​​on a personal level: – Things happen, are future-oriented and meaningful! We in the research group strive to find solutions to address environmental challenges, climate change and water shortages. The change starts with ourselves, concludes Maria.Did you know that…… stormwater can be reused to reduce the burden on the environment and reduce the use of drinking water?… stormwater is often contaminated with harmful substances and that sustainable management can improve the water quality of lakes and streams?… sustainable management of stormwater can reduce the risk of flooding The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Luleå University of Technology and not an article by Dagens industri

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