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Besides being an accomplished musician, Emilio Hudson is also a famous YouTuber. He has a popular channel called Emilio Hudson, which has been viewed by millions of people. If you’re a fan of music, you can watch his videos, and get inspiration from his work.


Despite being the eldest child of GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Slash, London Hudson is currently away from the limelight. But it looks like the kid is inspired by his father’s successful musical career.

London Hudson is the son of Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash and his ex-wife Perla Ferrar. He is also the drummer for the Los Angeles rock band Classless Act. He has a net worth of $74 million. And he was even signed by French drum company ASBA.

It’s not surprising that London Hudson is a savvy adolescent. He has a keen interest in travel, which he has done on a regular basis. He has also performed with the Los Angeles rock band Classless Act at the Whiskey A-Go-Go. And he even took home the Esquire magazine’s best guitar award in 2005.

He also has a son named Cash, which has the same name as his father’s. It’s no surprise that his mother, who is also named Cash, shares pictures of her son on Instagram.

Classless Act

Originally founded in Los Angeles, Classless Act is an all-star rock band. Originally formed by guitarist Niko Tsangaris and drummer London Hudson, the group has changed its lineup multiple times over the years. They currently include singer Derek Day, guitarists Dane Pieper and Griffin Tucker, bassist Franco Gravante and drummer Chuck McKissock.

Classless Act cites Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, Queen and the Rolling Stones among their influences, but they also draw from other genres like power pop and glam rock. This combination makes for a great album, a great performance and a great name.

Classless Act was formed after guitarist Niko Tsangaris and Slash’s son, London Hudson, decided to switch bands. After spending 10 years busking on the streets of Santa Monica, they came together to form their own kickass rock ‘n’ roll band.

The band’s name is a reference to the news headline that a former U.S. president had died, but it also hints at the band’s ambitions. The band’s first single, “Give It To Me”, was one of the top summer releases, and Loudwire has ranked it among the top ten best new songs of the summer.

Guns N’ Roses

GUNS N’ ROSES is an American rock band that achieved a string of hits in the early 1990s. The band’s first album, Appetite for Destruction, sold 28 million copies worldwide. It became the best-selling debut album in the US. Their first single, “Sweet Child of Mine,” reached the top of the charts in 1988.

During their rise to fame, Guns N’ Roses maintained media attention despite their drunken public displays and ego clashes. They became known for their infamous phrase, “Guns and roses.”

After their first release, Guns N’ Roses embarked on a world tour. They were billed as the “World’s Most Dangerous Band” for their unorthodox style. They toured throughout the United States and Europe.

Axl Rose, Slash, and Izzy Stradlin formed Guns N’ Roses in Los Angeles, California. Their first album, Appetite for Destruction, was released in July 1987. The album’s cover featured a provocative painting by Robert Williams. They became famous for their hits “Sweet Child o’ Mine,” “Paradise City,” “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere,” and “Welcome to the Jungle.”

Guns N’ Roses signed with Geffen Records. The group released its second album, Use Your Illusion I and II, in 1991. These two albums reached the top of the charts. They also sold over one million copies in the United States.

TikTok video

Earlier this year, a young woman from Nassau County, New York made a short TikTok video that went viral. In it, she dives into the Hudson River in a bikini. She received millions of views on Twitter and TikTok. It’s unclear how many people saw her video but she’s now one of the top TikTok creators with over three million views.

The video was picked up by a number of different companies, including BlogTO and Instagram accounts in Toronto. Her TikTok video has over 3.7K Likes and 1.2K Comments. The video has also been featured on Buzzfeed, Yahoo!, MSN, NBC, and other websites. Eric Hudson, her dad, told Business Insider that he has received “seven or eight companies” who have reached out to him. He says he doesn’t expect to receive a response like this in the future.

TikTok’s new features include the ability to pay to promote your video. You can also set a daily promotion limit and choose a goal for your promotion. You can also use TikTok coins to boost your video’s visibility by up to 11,575 views.

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