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Industry 4.0, Services and commerce, Real Estate, Finance are the four central themes of this space. Mónica Taherm Carlos Bello, “SoyMirrey”, Indira Kempis, MAD Cripto, Maggie Wu and Angel Sahagun, join the billboard of Blockchain Land Nuevo León 2022.

Expanding the borders of your business and your knowledge, as well as achieving strategic alliances will be possible in blockchain for business, a space dedicated to business executives that will take place during Blockchain Land, Nuevo León 2022, to be held from October 5 to 7 at Cintermex.

“The blockchain ecosystem, at an executive and business level, will be able to interact in activities designed especially for them and carry out the best networking with attendees, both in person and digitally,” explained the director of Blockchain Land, Jose Rodriguez.

During the three days of activities, the attendees with Executive or VIP type access, they will have at their disposal content of four thematic axes that will help to achieve better results in the expansion of their businesses, which are:

Industry 4.0: Blockchain technology has the ability to perfect production processes that face the fourth industrial revolution. In this space, the debates and talks will be focused on how to automate processes; improve the traceability of a product; generate new business models by exchanging secure, transparent and viable data.

Services and trade: The integration of this technology poses a revolution in national and international trade that will allow more agile exports and immediate payments. In addition, it allows the recording of data in a virtual and secure way in transactions between groups, as well as the improvement in supply, distribution and retail chains.

Real Estate: In this space, it will be discussed how the tokenization of real estate assets, investment, diversification and administration of contracts that accelerate the transaction for the exploitation and sale of a property. Another implementation of this technology in this field is to be able to create a portfolio of properties that facilitates the real estate investment process by registering them in a ledger based on this technology. In addition to evaluating the legal guarantees that surround the blockchain within the real estate industry.

Finance: Experts will discuss how this technology changes ways of investing capital in a planned and safe way, by eliminating reconciliations and out-of-sync ledgers. In this space you will be able to enhance your skills to carry out financial operations, linked to smart contracts, which will reduce bureaucracy and paperwork.

In addition, attendees will be able to attend different activities designed especially for them and carry out the best networking, among which are: executive cocktails, VIP dinner and special access to the Speakers Room and VIP Lounge, where they can interact face to face with the specialists who will star in the conferences.

“This is an ideal space for executives, where they can share and exchange their comments, goals, projects, doubts and perspectives on the blockchain and crypto world, effectively networking with potential allies”, concluded the director of the event.

Meet more speakers present in this first edition

On the main stage of Blockchain Land, Nuevo León 2022, great experts will share their knowledge about the potential of Web 3.0. and how it is expected to continue to revolutionize industries.

Among the speakers who join the billboard is Monica Thaher, Director of Technology and Business Innovation, Invest SV, Government of El Salvador, former CNN collaborator and technology entrepreneur, who in her conference “DeFi: the future of El Salvador”, will share, with specific examples, the steps the Central American country is taking to create a decentralized finance ecosystem, thereby enabling pragmatic solutions including stablecoin-backed loans for the unbanked.

will also rise Carlos Bello, “I am Mirrey”, content creator, entrepreneur in the automotive industry, and educator. In Todo de Cripto, he will talk about the power of social networks and how they can make a social, economic, educational and transcendental change.

Who will speak about the adoption of blockchain technology in Latin America is the Senator of the Republic, Indira Kempis, who in your conference “Without inclusion there is no innovation”, will address the problem of how Latin American countries require that innovation be translated into concrete benefits for those who have the least, since 60% of the population in Mexico does not have access to financial services, to which is added that remittances sent by the countrymen are lost in excessive commissions.

Another unmissable speaker who will take the mainstage is the content creator, entrepreneur and investor MAD Crypto, who at the conference “Taking advantage of the bear market”will talk about everything you can do in the market to prepare and be ready when the good times return.

MaggieWu, prominent investor and entrepreneur with more than fifteen years of experience in multidisciplinary industries around the world; and current CEO of Krypital Group and Galactic Holdings, will share her experience as one of the first evangelists of cryptocurrencies.

And another one added to the list is Angel Sahagun, CEO and founder of albo, a leading financial account in Mexico, who in his conference “Bridging traditional finance and DeFi” will talk about how in the short term, traditional financial products will coexist with digital assets, and how building bridges between the two worlds will be essential to consolidate a decentralized world.
To find out all the details of the event and be able to attend, you can already purchase your tickets, both in person and digitally, on the official website:

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