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Innovations that give power: Unique collaboration between energy companies and the transport sector

Published: 12 June 2022, 18:44 Updated: 14 June 2022, 07:23Photo: Johan Lilja Now H22 City Expo is underway, Helsingborg’s major investment to showcase and develop solutions for an increased quality of life in a smarter and more sustainable city. – For us, it is about three areas: getting electricity for everyone, fossil-free district heating and charging for cars and trucks, says Anders Östlund, CEO of Öresundskraft.Registration for the seminar on June 21 takes place here. For over 160 years, Öresundskraft has fought to contribute to a better society and a better world. In 1974, the company started using surplus heat from the industrial company Kemira as district heating, as early as 1999, Öresundskraft dug down fiber cables in Helsingborg and accelerated digitalisation, and in the charity project Solhjälpen, opportunities are created for schools in developing countries to use solar cells. Being at the forefront of technology to help create a more sustainable world is something that is important for Öresundskraft, and therefore the company invites to two events on 21 June to show two new and exciting projects.Anders Östlund, CEO of Öresundskraft.Anders Östlund, CEO of Öresundskraft. Photo: Johan Lilja Anders Östlund says that energy issues will play a major role in how we achieve a sustainable society: – During H22 City Expo we will show and tell how we work with those issues, he says and mentions some examples from the program.

Pioneering innovations

At the seminar “Is electricity enough for everyone? “How wind gas can electrify Sweden” will a number of experts from the electricity industry, authorities and manufacturers explain how wind power can be converted into storable hydrogen that makes it easier to plan electricity production. Photo: Johan Lilja During the seminar “The transport sector loads heavily”, Volvo Truck Center, together with Öresundskraft, is building Sweden’s largest public charging station for heavy vehicles. The station will be the first of its kind and is designed to meet both the logistics industry’s need for availability and planning and the needs of the future energy system. – What is extra exciting about this project is the unique and innovative collaboration between us as an energy company and Volvo Truck Center. We are from completely different industries, but have a common strategy that is in line with the climate goals. For Öresundskraft, this is an investment that we could not have made on our own, but we enable electrification by being able to offer charging, says Anders Östlund.

Unique collaboration

The charging station at Ättekulla in Helsingborg will be inaugurated during the H22 City Expo on 14 June, which shows that the transport and energy industries have jointly begun the green transition – it is something that is possible already now, electrification of heavy trucks is not far into the future.Photo: Johan LiljaAnders Östlund looks hopefully at the future and explains that Öresundskraft has a strong will to find solutions: – The charging station will be of great importance. We have a long history of being involved in major shifts. We made it possible to switch from gas to electricity in Helsingborg and we pushed for the transition to district heating. These are movements that have influenced and developed society. Öresundskraft must take the lead and make it easy for others to do the right thing.Registration for the seminar on June 21 takes place here. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Öresundskraft and not an article by Dagens industri

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