Ledger faces lawsuit for massive data breaches

Charlie Taylor

Wallet hardware maker Ledger will be in court because of the massive data leak in 2020 that resulted in the loss of some funds through cryptocurrency phishing attacks and threats to customers. According to legal documents, the law firm Roche Freedman filed a formal complaint against Ledger and Shopify on April 6 on behalf of two main claimants. Ledger suffered a series of data breaches in 2020 and one was linked to the e-platform. -commerce, Shopify, which hosts the company's stores and products. Ledger admitted responsibility for the Shopify incident in which a dishonest employee leaked personal details from 20,000 customers in December 2020. This breach was added to another in the same year that resulted in the online leak of details from 292,000 customers.

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The class action suit on behalf of the plaintiffs John Chu and Edward Baton states:

The plaintiffs seek redress for the substantial damages in the entire class that Ledger and Shopify's misconduct caused in connection with a massive data breach in 2020 that these companies negligently allowed, ignored recklessly and then intentionally sought to cover up.

Ledger abstain

The company maintained the claim that the devices are still 100% safe. Ledger's general counsel, Antoine Thibault, said simply that “Ledger does not comment on ongoing legal issues.” In statements to The Block, partner at the law firm Kyle Roche stated:

We've been investigating this since the day it went public. This investigation included talking to experts in the fields of data security and cryptocurrency.

The lawsuit does not specify the amount of damages sought for the class action, but identifies the issue as worth more than $ 5 million. The documents refer to only two Ledger users who, together, lost 4.2 BTC, 11 ETH and 150,000 XLM due to phishing attacks. After the massive data breach, Ledger customers turned to social media to vent their anger against the company, which offered no reward and largely blamed users for the lack of security on their part. Ledger customers reported everything from total device cryptocurrency theft to threats of physical abuse, home invasions and even murder Hackers and scammers went into a frenzy of spam and phishing armed with a customer database full of personal information that included email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses.Read more: NYDIG signs partnerships to bring Bitcoin to the insurance industry, a $ 6 trillion market

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