Learn about the beginnings of the most relevant cryptocurrency exchange today


Due to its variety of trading options, its versatility of tools that facilitate daily operations and its simple usability suitable for all types of people regardless of their level of experience, CoinEx since 2017 has managed to create an ecosystem capable of solving common problems and satisfying daily needs of users who use the platform to invest in the cryptocurrency market.

What is CoinEx?

CoinEx is presented as one of the fastest growing digital asset exchange platforms in recent years positioning itself as one of the most relevant sites today to execute all kinds of operations associated with cryptocurrencies and has more than 300 trading pairs between crypto assets and currencies.

The range of services it offers is increasing with various trading options such as spot trading, margin trading, perpetual contract trade, AMM, mining and financial service products with support in 16 languages ​​for more than 200 countries.

What were the beginnings of CoinEx?

On December 24, 2017, Haipo Yang manages to found CoinEx in the heyday of cryptocurrencies as an effective solution to the problems that most centralized exchange platforms (CEX) were presenting that did not help improve the user experience and could not satisfy each user. one of your needs.

This prompted Haipo Yang to venture into the rise of centralized exchanges and give unlimited access to the issuance of digital assets thanks to the experience and cryptographic resources of the ViaBTC team.

That same year CoinEx presented the following advances

Creation of the world’s first 10,000 TPS matching engine.Implementation of the first BCH trading pair.Launch of the platform’s native token (CET).Leader in transaction volume in July 2018.

CoinEx thinks of everything!

CoinEx has been characterized by showing exponential growth at the hands of a top-of-the-line technological equipment, an independently developed matchmaking system, and a user-friendly interface suitable for both experts and beginners that favors the user experience at all times.

With an inclusive vision, CoinEx provides low-cost, secure, stable and efficient exchange services.

What is the goal of CoinEx?

The main vision of CoinEx has been from the beginning the development of a platform that can offer low-cost tools and affordable to the largest number of people globally, all by utilizing a blockchain-based ecosystem of platforms to empower users with advanced technology that is easily accessible at any time.

In summary

Without a doubt, when taking into account the CoinEx ecosystem made up of 5 other platforms that are apart from the exchange platform, the CoinEx block chain, OneSwap, ViaBTC Fund, ViaWallet and ViaBTC Capital, together they intend to satisfy all the needs of the users. users and offer a significant range of investment services.

All this is backed by low fees, high liquidity and absolute security for the funds with a guarantee percentage of 100%.

Sign up and start enjoying the competitive advantage that CoinEx offers you!


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