Keanu Reeves – “ordinary” man


photo. Keanu Reeves – Lebanese-born Canadian artist: actor, director, film producer and musician, but also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. One of the best (and highest paid) actors of his generation. However, the biography of Keanu Reeves is not limited to brilliantly played roles. The Canadian – which is unusual, because he is a representative of Hollywood – often seems to forget about his status as a world star and lives “in his own way”. He doesn’t spend his millions on suits or extravagant cars. He wears the same shoes for several years, sealing holes and abrasions with duct tape, and gives his millions to those in need. Reeves, despite having no formal acting education, was involved in theater and film acting from an early age. His first big success was the role of Jack Traven in the movie “Speed”. Keanu Reeves, however, made his mark in the history of American cinematography thanks to his starring role in the American production of “The Matrix”. Already thanks to the first part (four were filmed) – in 1999 – he became a real Hollywood superstar, no longer having to worry about financial matters and engagements. A month ago, the movie “John Wick 4” premiered to great reviews and starred Reeves. Reeves’s life was filled with personal tragedies. Already in childhood, he had to say goodbye to his father, who died when the future artist was three years old. At a young age, the actor changed his place of residence many times, starting from Beirut – where he was born – and ending in Toronto, Canada. Keanu Reeves’ mother married three more times after the death of the artist’s biological father.
He left school at the age of 17; he had problems adapting to the school environment, which was not helped by dyslexia. Already in his adult life, Keanu Reeves experienced another tragedy: his daughter, whom he had from a relationship with the American actress Jennifer Syme, died shortly after birth. The death of the child led to the separation of the artists, and two years later, Jennifer Syme, being under the influence of drugs, led to a car accident in which she died. Reeves struggled with depression for years. The actor is involved in broadly understood help for “ordinary” people, because he identifies with them. He takes the subway to work, reluctantly goes shopping, you can catch him eating a sandwich on a park bench, he has been wearing the same black suit for several years and helps those in need. After his sister contracted leukemia, he donated 70 percent of the profits from The Matrix to the hospitals where she was treated.
He also likes to give people gifts – for example, he waived $ 80 million from the salary in the same “Matrix” in favor of “the film’s silent heroes”, i.e. people responsible for costumes and special effects. And he bought a £6,000 Harley Davidson for each stuntman. He also never uses his fame and social position to make his life easier. There is a famous story (one of many similar ones) that when he was flying from San Francisco to Burbank and the plane had to make an emergency landing in Bakersfield, Reeves did not separate himself from the rest of the passengers, did not make stars, did not order a private ride, but he and other passengers waited for the arrival of a replacement bus. He calmed down nervous people and played country music. It simply couldn’t be any more. Reeves is also a bass guitarist – he plays in the garage band “Dogstar”, which he founded with friends. He is a poet. He is also passionate about cars: he opened the Arch Motorcycle Company and, together with his colleague, designed a superbike (worth $79,000). He is one of the most liked actors, his unfeigned ordinariness wins him constant sympathy. Keanu Reeves can be a source of inspiration for many people who are lost in life and cannot find meaning in it.

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