Join Blumer! The new Web3 social network where you can monetize your content


A new way of connecting through social networks is emerging from the hand of Web 3.0 and is presented as a possible solution to copyright protection, total data privacy and many forms of remuneration for users that every day use social networks for various purposes.

Stay until the end and discover the workings of a Web 3 social media platform that can help you monetize your time online!

What is Blumer?

Blumer is a social networking app that allows users to monetize their time on the platformunlike traditional social networks in which all monetization rights are centralized in the hands of a few.

Blumer combines the best of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to create a versatile ecosystem that allows its users to benefit from common actions such as, post content, watch ads, and learn about cryptocurrencies on their own learning platform called Zverso.

How does Blummer work?

This is possible thanks to a profit distribution methodology that connects companies with platform users in a win-win ecosystem in which users can get benefits by viewing ads and companies can have much more reach due to the low advertising rates that Blumer offers to connect with potential customers.

When a company wants to be displayed on the platform, said ad can be seen by users who use Blumer (optional), and the money collected is divided between the users who viewed the ad and the platform.

In conclusion

As we already mentioned, Blumer manages to merge the best of traditional social networks with the latest technologies led by blockchain and cryptocurrencies to offer multiple value exchange options within the platform, as well as allowing users to earn cryptocurrency rewards using their own native token called (BLUM), which can then be exchanged for fiat money.

Monetize your time with Blumer!

The application can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices (App Store, Play Store).

Download the App now!

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