John McAfee was broke when he died, says biographer

Charlie Taylor

Technology entrepreneur John McAfee was broke when he died, mostly because he spent his money on properties he didn't even live in, according to a biographer who worked closely with him. At one point McAfee, who was found dead in a Spanish prison last month aged 75, had $100 million. But when he died, all the money was spent on “absolutely bizarre properties,” author Mark Eglinton said in a MailOnline report on Saturday. Eglington, who will release a book on McAfee's life later this year, spent months interviewing McAfee while he was on the run. McAfee was supposed to collaborate with Eglinton on the next book, but failed to pay the fee requested for the biography, the author told MailOnline. McAfee, the pioneer of cybersecurity, was the founder of the popular anti-virus software McAfee. Later in his life, he became known for his crazy outbursts, being the mouthpiece of cryptocurrencies and his libertarian lifestyle. He also had serious problems with the tax evasion law. He reportedly earned more than $23 million promoting seven initial coin offers (ICOs) – described as “pump and dump” schemes by US authorities. After fleeing for months, McAfee was arrested in Spain in October of last year. He was supposed to be extradited to the US to face the charges, but was found dead in his cell in an apparent suicide. Eglinton told MailOnline that McAfee was in serious financial trouble at one point and probably lied about how much money he actually had. He added that the amount requested for the biography “wasn't a huge amount” — and McAfee couldn't even pay that. “My financial situation is worse than yours,” he told Eglinton. “Instead of pretending he didn't have it, I think he was pretending he did,” Eglinton said in the interview. In 2019, the entrepreneur sought up to 20% of tokens issued from a variety of ICOs in exchange for advertising, which would have netted millions of dollars. US authorities then alleged that McAfee did not pay taxes from 2014 to 2018 and that it directed revenue through cryptocurrency accounts in someone else's name. In the aftermath, McAfee fled six months before being arrested by Spanish authorities last year. Eglinton's book, “No Domain: The John McAfee Tapes,” will be released in December.

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