Joe Biden’s green policies are plunging the US into crisis


Americans are paying more and more for food as the cost of farming grows rapidly. As always, farmers pay in advance and only recover their expenses when they sell their produce, a few months later. The cost of processed food is mainly made up of oil prices. – Extensive agricultural production needs cheap artificial fertilizers, and fuel is needed to run everything – farmers say.

Tsunami of green politics

Joe Biden’s green climate policy and inflation, fueled by a high money supply, pushed the price of gasoline up from an average of $3.50 a gallon. Even under Trump, it was $2.6 a gallon. This is the biggest spike in fuel prices in America in twenty years! Added to this, higher prices for gas and necessities (including food) mean that Americans have less and less money to spend on groceries. This reduces consumer demand, having a negative impact on the economy. Fuels are the worst. Unlike the energy crisis of the Carter era – when foreign oil producers imposed an embargo on the US during a period of declining oil production in America – today’s deficit of increasingly expensive energy is the result not of the actions of the terrible Putin, but of the policy of the US government itself. The Biden administration is trying to force everyone to switch to alternative energy sources like wind or solar. This is no longer done in the form of incentives, not at all. Pipelines are closed. Contracts for the lease of oil-bearing areas are suspended. Biden has also put the brakes on new investments in US oil and gas production. According to a Washington Post commentator, the president’s war on fossil fuels has only made Putin stronger and weakened America. Joe Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement and canceled the contract to build the Keystone XL pipeline between the United States and Canada. A pipeline that alone would transport 830,000 barrels a day from Alberta to refineries on the Gulf Coast of Texas. This is more than 538,000. barrels that the U.S. continues to import from Russia day by day. Biden also suspended oil and gas leases at Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, banning all “new oil and gas exploration permits on public lands and waters.” At the same time, he announced that he intends to tax and “regulate” the fossil fuel industry, promising that his administration will “put an end to fossil fuels” (link).

Some states defend themselves

Some state administrations, seeing what was happening – that Biden is the executor of the disastrous policy outlined in the WEF 2030 Agenda (similarly to, among others, Trudeau, Eurocrats and several other leaders of Western countries) took defensive measures. Republicans introduced the ONSHORE Act, which would give states the power to manage oil and gas production on federal land within their borders. They also adopted the Lease Now Act, which obliges the US Department of the Interior to resume the sale of oil and gas leases. Individual states defended their entrepreneurs. Since March this year, Iowa, Mississippi, Georgia and Arizona have moved from progressive income tax rates of up to 8 percent to flat tax rates ranging from 2 to 4 percent. North Carolina has abolished its corporate income tax altogether, and nine other states have suspended state income taxes. They lead to chaos and crisis, from which perhaps a completely new balance of power and shape of the world would emerge. How else can it be understood?

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