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Consid sits on the AI ​​solutions of the future

Published: March 15, 2022, 10:00 a.m. Updated: March 14, 2023, 11:46 a.m.There is enormous potential in today’s AI technology. It’s just a matter of keeping the data in order and daring to be creative. Then there are no limits to how AI can make operations more efficient. – AI is one of the most spectacular developments since life appeared on earth. The ability of a computer program to mimic human intelligence, primarily in cognitive functions such as learning, understanding language, solving problems, and generalizing, is phenomenal. We have only seen the beginning of this explosive development, but it has become increasingly present in everyday life, says Peter Hellgren, CEO of the IT and communications company Consid. Consid was an early adopter of AI expertise. The company’s consultants have helped build several of Sweden’s most important AI solutions, including improved search functions, self-driving trucks and entire platforms for automated food handling. One of Sweden’s foremost AI experts is Patrik Zetterström, and he has for several years led AI projects for large customers. – At present, it is often about an interaction between AI and humans. There are many functions that humans are still best at, but there are also others where AI beats us by horse lengths. It is mainly about understanding and analyzing patterns, finding connections and looking into the future. There, AI is unbeatable, says Patrik Zetterström. Today, AI can be found in a simple Google search, in robots that perform surgical procedures, and in our smartphones. The technology has improved so much that it can beat the best human players in chess, Go, Alphabet and Jeopardy. Among other things, Consid’s consultants have been involved in developing AI in streaming services’ search functions, speech and voice recognition, as well as implemented it in the e-commerce warehouses of several large grocery companies. – Most recently, I have been working with Ocado as a system. That platform gives us the conditions to improve the customer offer and make trading more efficient. We reduce wastage, while speeding up delivery, says Patrik Zetterström. AI Ocado’s system learns what customers in a certain location consume and when they consume it. Ocado makes predictions and ensures that the right goods are available in the grocer’s warehouse. Robots then ensure that the right products are sorted into the right delivery. Tomorrow’s solutions will be even more comprehensive and include the entire chain, from order to delivery to the customer. Then self-driving vehicles will also be a matter of course. – This is not so far in the future. There will be self-driving transport, which is also environmentally friendly, predicts Patrik Zetterström. Peter Hellgren emphasizes that it is important to continue to have humans at the center of future AI solutions. – The important thing here is that humans should lead AI and not the other way around. I am convinced that we can embrace AI while maintaining our values ​​and human focus, says Peter Hellgren.AI by Consid• Top uses todayManufacturing robots• Self-driving cars• Smart assistants• Disease diagnostics• Automated financial investments• Virtual travel booking agents• Social media monitoring • Chat tool between teams• Bot for conversational marketing• Natural Language Processing (NLP) toolRead more at https://consid.se/erbjuande/utbildning/artificiell-intelligens/ The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Consid and not an article by Dagens industry

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