Japan’s Accelerated Reinforcement


Japanese warships, exercises in the Mediterranean, June 2022 (photo: navy.mil) The government in Tokyo signals the largest armaments since World War II as a response to the rapid modernization of China’s armed forces and an increase in their military activity in the region. Japan is planning, inter alia, the development and large-scale production of its own long-range missiles, but meanwhile the Land of Cherry wants to buy as many as 1,000 American long-range missiles. According to the Japanese NHK station, Tokyo has long been considering the purchase of Tomahawks, which would act as a deterrent for potential aggressors, i.e. mainly China. The purchase of these missiles would also be a weapon that Japan could use in a counterattack from positions beyond the range of enemy missiles. Tomahawks and cruise missiles could have the People’s Republic of China, Russia and North Korea within their range. Such a decision is a major breakthrough in the tactics of Japan, which, according to its post-war constitution, treated the military only in terms of self-defense. Recently, however, the country has been increasing its spending in the military sector. According to Japan’s plans, long-range cruise missiles would be on the Nansei archipelago. These would be modernized maneuvering missiles that already exist. The modification would concern the range, which is to increase from 100 to as much as 1000 kilometers, allowing the weapon to hit long-range targets on the Asian continent. Japan’s accelerated rearmament came after China conducted an unprecedented military exercise around Taiwan in August 2022. The Chinese communist army then fired a series of ballistic missiles, several of which fell in Japan’s exclusive economic zone. At the recently concluded 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, country leader Xi Jinping called for the acceleration of building a “world-class army” capable of “winning local wars.” Earlier, on April 19, China gained a political foothold in the Solomon Islands by signing a security pact with this island country in south-eastern Oceania. It was a prelude to the expansion of the Middle Kingdom in this region and a cold water bucket for Australia, Japan, India, and the US, concerned about the sudden rapprochement of the Solomon Islands with China and their potential military use by Beijing. What’s more – China is not hiding that Kiribati, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands, Niue and the Federated States of Micronesia also want to join their side.
The signing of a security pact by the Solomon Islands with China is particularly painful for Australia, which for years has been seen as a strategic ally of the islanders. The Solomon Islands gained independence in 1978 having previously been a British colony. Even in the years 2003-2017, a contingent of Australian peacekeepers was stationed in the Isles (after the civil war broke out there in 1998), and suddenly in March 2022 a sensation broke out that the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands was secretly getting along with the Chinese. The rumors turned out to be true. The undisputed bargaining advantage of the People’s Republic of China is undoubtedly money – and here it is worth trying to reflect that the PRC’s budget really consists of the whole world by buying Chinese goods. In the future, this may result in a new world balance of power – Pax Sinica. May it not happen. Returning to Japan’s accelerated armaments, the government of the Land of Cherry does not comment on the negotiations with the Americans. Press leaks speak of advanced negotiations. Japanese ships and planes would be armed with American missiles. Will Japanese armaments deter Chinese communists? Time will tell.

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