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Thus, digitized compliance processes provide increased cyber security

Published: December 20, 2022, 10:00 a.m. Updated: December 21, 2022, 1:32 p.m.Patrik Östergren, sales manager and Karl Hertz, cyber security specialist and product owner Comrod Mission Systems. In recent years, IT security threats have increased exponentially. Much suggests that the illegal cyber activity against Swedish targets will continue. To protect against this, digital compliance processes play a crucial role. – The security of IT systems needs to be reviewed and updated continuously, says Karl Hertz, cyber security specialist and product owner at Comrod Mission Systems. The number of attacks against companies and organizations’ IT systems is increasing. Something that, among other things, recent years’ high-profile cyber attacks against a Swedish municipality and one of the country’s largest food chains are examples of. But the dark side when it comes to that type of crime is large. – In 2021, 43 percent of Swedish trade members stated that they had been exposed to some form of cybercrime. We also know that many choose not to report because it affects their own brand, says Comrod Mission System’s sales manager, Patrik Östergren. Methodical digital cyber security work Knowledge of how to prevent cybercrime is relatively small. Figures from 2021 showed that 46 percent of all trading companies lacked knowledge of preventive measures and that four out of ten municipalities were unsure whether they would survive a cyber attack. Karl Hertz and Patrik Östergren believe that much can be done to increase cyber security. It is about working methodically based on existing regulations and standards, for example recommendations from MSB. Each system also needs to have several things in place, such as authentication options, processes that ensure the systems are up-to-date and an opportunity for continuous follow-up. In addition, one needs to look at the current situation, how it has looked historically and to formulate efforts for a desired level of cyber security. – We have a digitized solution to work in a structured way with the process where you create an “end-to-end structure” to see which actions should be taken and followed up. We have digitized that process to be able to maintain both standards and quality because the complexity makes it difficult to overview the information on paper, says Karl Hertz. Patrik Östergren gives an example. – If you have 30 system owners who are responsible for a number of systems who have to do this in an Excel sheet and send it to an IT security manager for compilation, there is a great risk that the basis has had time to change before the information is processed . It costs both time and money that could have been used to implement systematic measures to increase security, he says and continues: – Via our digital platform, each system owner can enter the data into a common structure. In addition, the IT security manager receives automatic updates. It is also possible to adapt to the person affected by the respective system. Digitization that simplifies The way of working and the content is similar to what many companies today do on paper, but where digitization simplifies and provides an overview. – We break down the parts and make sure that this is available digitally. You set up your internal IT security requirements based on the legal space and the standards you need to adhere to. After that, they work on implementing, following up and updating the requirements to proactively maintain good IT security. The solution can be adapted to different standards and teams that you want to follow up on, for example ISO27001. This allows the business to find the best, safest and most cost-effective solutions for its cyber security, concludes Karl Hertz. About Comrod Mission Systems:Comrod Mission Systems AB works to improve the capabilities of companies and organizations in a number of areas: developed operations, digitized information flows and increased information security. Comrod Mission Systems helps businesses have the right capability at the right time and at the right cost. Read more at www.missionsystems.se Read more at www.securityreview.it The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Comrod Mission Systems and not an article by Dagens industri

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