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World unique about energy at Tekniska

Published: April 20, 2022, 10:47 Updated: April 25, 2022, 5:23 p.m.Model of Wisdome Stockholm Anna Gerdén Tekniska.NIBE and KTH collaborate in a new project to measure and map energy flows in Tekniska’s new geothermal heating plant for Wisdome. The installation will be visualized for the museum’s visitors. The goal for NIBE is more efficient use of energy in boreholes. NIBE is a sustainability partner at Tekniska in Stockholm and is involved in the new experience arena Wisdome, which is being built in the museum’s courtyard. It will be an interactive, digital learning and test environment for science communication. Here, NIBE contributes with support for activities for children and young people and with a climate solution for heating, hot water, cooling and ventilation, where as much as 71% of the heat demand is taken from the bedrock. The facility is part of the exhibition and will be placed in a glass stand in the courtyard. To get more insight into NIBE’s sustainable energy solutions, see here. A new initiative has now been taken to study energy flows in one of the facility’s boreholes and visualize it for the museum’s visitors. Martin Forsén at NIBE is involved in the collaborations the company has long had with the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, when it comes to research in heat pump technology. – The purpose is to optimize the use of the stored energy in the bedrock. What is special is that we will measure the temperature in one of the boreholes continuously, meter by meter, and map energy flows. Being able to carry out such a thorough follow-up at such a large facility is very interesting. This means that we can increase our knowledge of this type of installation and enable further improvements to be able to deliver even more efficient heating and cooling in commercial properties. Read more about NIBE’s product range for larger properties here. A world-unique facilityNIBE has contributed very advanced test and measurement equipment to the project. Intensive work is now underway on how to visualize it for the museum’s visitors. – This will be a world-unique facility, says Martin Forsén. Via large digital screens next to the heat pumps, you will see in real time how the renewable energy flows from the bedrock to the heat pumps and then out into the heating system. of air conditioning systems. There will hopefully be many visitors who recognize the heat pumps from their own basement and we now hope that we can visualize how it works in an educational way, concludes Martin Forsén. The first sod for the new experience arena Wisdome was taken on February 21 this year in attendance by, among others, Gerteric Lindquist, President and CEO of NIBE. But the boreholes have already been drilled and the measuring cable is in place. The building and the facility are expected to be ready for inspection in 2023. Read more about Wisdome here ENERGY FACTS WISDOME• 4 rock heat pumps of 40 kW from NIBE • Ventilation unit from NIBE AirSite • Charging station for domestic hot water from Cetetherm • 10 boreholes of 230 meters (Compare with Kaknästornet 170 meters) • The building’s total heat demand (as 20 -25 single-family house) 230,000 kWh energy 165,000 kWh / year • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions 15 tons / year • The building’s total cooling needs 200,000 kWh / year • Approximately 60% of this year’s total cooling needs are estimated to be covered by free cooling The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Nibe and not an article of Today’s Industry

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