Jalisco Talent Land 2023 will be an event to develop your talent. Do you want to attend?


Jalisco Talent Land 2023 will take place from April 10 to 14 at the Expo Guadalajara de la Perla Tapatía. It is the most important event in Latin America for linking young talents with specialists, companies and governments, with the aim of promoting technological projects, innovation, entrepreneurship and education in different areas.

This event has eight thematic lands, more than 1,900 hours of content, more than 800 speakers and workshop leaders, and the attendance of more than 30,000 people is expected.. Stay until the end and discover all the details!

A high-level technological event.

Innovation and technological development will be present at Talent Land, which will feature a large number of activities, such as conferences, workshops, panels, workshops, competitions, hackathons and commercial activations, focused on the development of skills, abilities and knowledge.

In addition, additional activities such as Talent Woman, Artificial Intelligence, Talent Hackathon and Startup Battle, to test the skills and knowledge of the participants and provide solutions to social problems. Talent Land may also offer other “theme lands” like the ones shown below.

Thematic lands in Jalisco Talent Land 2023.

Blockchain Land, Business Land, Creative Land, Developer Land, Gamer Land, Health Land, Food Land and Travel Land will be the eight thematic lands that will make up Jalisco Talent Land 2023.

The most important event in Latin America.

This event has established itself as the most important of its kind in Latin America, with a history of several years and the support of important institutions. Jalisco Talent Land 2023 will be a space in which lYoung people will be able to develop their potential through science and technology, share knowledge and experiences, and open their minds to all the possibilities to change the world with their talent.

In addition, the event also offers the opportunity to network with experts in different areas and to participate in activities that encourage creativity and innovation.

Don’t miss Jalisco Talent Land 2023!

Tickets for Jalisco Talent Land 2023 are now available on its official website www.talent-land.mx. A digital ticket can also be purchased through Talent World, which will allow access to the event live and delayed.

This project has been built thanks to the support of different institutions and companies, so a unique and enriching experience is expected for all participants. Science and technology are engines of change to generate entrepreneurship, and Talent Land knows it.

Join Talent Land and make your voice heard, your brand seen, your company consolidated or your talent seen!


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