Jalisco Talent Land 2023 has exceeded expectations and CoinEx is present


Talent Land 2023 is an event that seeks to create an impact on young people, focused on technology and innovation. This year, it was held at Expo Guadalajara, and on the third day of the event, the expectations of the organizers were exceeded, since more than 37,000 attendees were registered, exceeding the expected figure of 30,000. In addition, more than 1,000 young people were recruited for companies.

This article will discuss the diversity of activities and themes of Talent Land, as well as the importance of innovation and current issues in the digital world.

Diversity of activities and themes of Talent Land.

Talent Land is an event that seeks to bring together different areas of knowledge in thematic lands, including Health Land, Creative Land, Developer Land, Business Land, Blockchain Land, Food Land, Gamer Land and Travel land, as well as Talent Woman, Genius Arena, Intelligence Artificial and Workshops.

This variety of topics allows attendees to explore different areas and connect with people with different professional profiles.

The importance of innovation and current issues in the digital world.

Innovation and current issues in the digital world are the basis of Talent Land, since digital information tends to be outdated in a short time. For this reason, relevant and current topics are sought to be discussed at the event.

In addition, it is sought that attendees have access to the most up-to-date information and human relations. Access to information is important for the development of technology, which is why Talent Land seeks to be at the forefront of this issue.

“The metaverse will be a technology that will enable new experiences”

Glenda Michel, manager of Public Policies for Meta in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, explained at Talent Land 2023 that the metaverse does not yet exist, but that the technologies that will enable it in 5 or 10 years are already available. According to Michel, the metaverse will be a series of interconnected digital spaces that will make it possible to do things that cannot be done in the physical world and connect more deeply with people.

In addition, it will allow digital navigation in a fluid and non-fragmented way through flat screens. Michel also clarified that the metaverse will not only be Virtual Reality (VR), but that it can be accessed through different devices and experience different types of spaces.

CoinEx at Jalisco Talent Land 2023.

CoinEx, a platform for cryptographic assets and derivatives, is present at Jalisco Talent Land 2023, offering activities at its stand to obtain exclusive merchandise and free cryptocurrencies to give attendees a first approach to the ecosystem.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2017, CoinEx seeks to facilitate cryptocurrency trading and is committed to blockchain education. The company offers easy-to-use products and provides investment options in 200 countries around the world. With its activities and collaborations, CoinEx seeks to promote the adoption and education of blockchain technology and crypto assets in Latin America and the world.

To end.

The Jalisco Talent Land 2023 event has exceeded expectations by registering more than 37 thousand physical attendees and has confirmed its expansion to Malaga, Spain from 2024. In addition, the importance of investing in young people was highlighted, recruiting more than 1,000 talents for companies and providing access to information and human relations in a social and technological event.

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