Iver acquires Intiro Development – a specialist company with services in system development

Charlie Taylor

Iver acquires Intiro. Intiro is a specialist company with great expertise in system development. The customer base is in both the private and public sectors. The acquisition follows Iver’s strategy to further strengthen the offering in system development with advisory and implementation expertise to customers who have high demands on the development and management of differentiating applications, information security and regulatory compliance. Published: 24 February 2022, 11: 00Intiro delivers services and expert expertise in system development, architecture and requirements analysis based on established and modern solutions. The offer is aimed at customers in the private and public sector and consists primarily of the development of customer-unique systems and applications. Intiro delivers consulting services high up in the value chain and supports customers with advice before strategic decisions. The employees at Intiro have great competence in new and established technology as well as great knowledge in change work. The customers are primarily in the Gothenburg region, where companies and employees are based. Through the acquisition of Intiro, Iver further strengthens its position as the leading supplier in digitization for companies with high demands on knowledge-based application operation, information security and regulatory compliance. Iver’s expertise and offering is strengthened in system development and also broadens Iver’s customer base with several exciting customers from both the private and public sectors. – We are impressed by Intiro’s ability to deliver high-quality services in system development to customers with complex requirements and by the specialist expertise available for this in the company. We are also impressed by Intiro’s ability to attract and retain employees, which is proof that we offer an attractive and exciting environment to work in. We look forward to Intiro now becoming part of Iver and that together we can now offer further expertise in system development, which is an area we want to grow in, says Carl-Magnus Månsson, CEO of Iver. – With Intiro, we strengthen our consulting offering. Our ability is becoming sharper in development and in deliveries of secure solutions to customers who are on a digital transformation journey. We also look forward to strengthening our presence in Gothenburg with a number of new colleagues, says Olle Hasselblad, CEO of ELITS, part of Iver’s consulting organization. – Iver and Intiro will benefit greatly from each other, which guarantees a successful merger. Iver is growing in our area of ​​expert system development and Intiro needs a strong brand and a powerful organization to be able to grow further. Now we look forward to being a part of the stimulating work environment that Iver creates during his growth journey, says Fredrik Björk, CEO and co-founder of Intiro Development. For more information, please contact:
Carl-Magnus Månsson, President and CEO, Iver
Phone: +46 73 668 92 74
Email: [email protected] Björk, CEO of Intiro Development AB
Phone +46 706 941 801
E-mail [email protected] Jakob Tapper, information, Iver
Phone: +46 739 81 63 33
E-mail: [email protected] full press release and other news from this company on Cision News.
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