It's "a matter of time" for Twitter to adopt Bitcoin, says Jack Dorsey

Charlie Taylor

Just today, Dorsey answered a question from Twitter user “deyonté”, who had asked Dorsey to integrate the Lightning Network with Twitter or BlueSky – which is a decentralized social network that has been developed by Twitter since 2019. Source: In a recent tweet, Twitter's CEO  said it's only “a matter of time” before Twitter integrates with Lightning Network, which is a second layer built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. billionaire launched the phrase on twitter, he who is an avowed fan of Bitcoin, in recent days even considered the idea of ​​leaving his company to dedicate himself to the development of the cryptocurrency. Twitter and Square, which are under the command of Dorsey, support Bitcoin and in the case of Square, Bitcoin is part of the company's treasure. It announced the acquisition of 7,000 bitcoins in February 2022. Yesterday, Jack Dorsey shared with his Twitter followers a tool that comes with, which is another chat app in development. Sphinx prevents spam by charging users who send messages the cost. The solution intends to be better than WhatsApp, WeChat and e-mail, considering itself decentralized and paid. By presenting the solution and commenting on it publicly, Jack ended up being charged by an Internet user. The charge was for Jack to implement Bitcoin's Lightning Network on Twitter or BlueSky. In response, Twitter's CEO surprised, stating that Bitcoin will soon arrive on the social network.
Jack has a good knowledge of cryptocurrency and has expressed this in various media. He has already said on Joe Rogan's podcast that “technology has given finance a fascinating insight, because money is one of the last things the state controls, besides the fact that each government creates and controls its own currencies, but with Bitcoin you have a global and free currency for everyone”.

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