Is the era of dictatorships disguised as democracies coming?


In the countries of the West, they are gradually strengthening the “white glove” dictatorships. This is easy to see by “connecting the dots”. Such dictatorships are even worse than those already known and not hiding their intentions. By creating media “folk heroes” that confuse people’s heads, the rulers like to hide their true intentions behind the mask of patriotism, building tolerance, or acting for “sustainable development”, ecology, safety and health. Especially the safety and health of citizens are supposed to justify all the wickedness of the power apparatus.

The anti-vaxxer is a terrorist

The space for training societies, and at the same time a global test in the field of social cybernetics checking how far politicians can go, has become the so-called COVID-19 pandemic. Although its end came like a knife cut with Putin’s aggression against a sovereign state, the ground for dividing people and harassing those who think differently has already been prepared. Australian police openly encourage residents to report neighbors who are skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccine or other pharmaceuticals, or only hold “anti-government views.” The pretext for encouraging snitching on neighbors was the shooting of two policemen from Brisbane, Australia, by a family of Australian farmers; shortly thereafter, members of this rural militant family were killed in another shootout with anti-terrorists. What was the reaction of the police and authorities to this drama? Tracy Linford, Deputy Commissioner of Police for Queensland, has publicly stated that anyone with non-mainstream views is a clear threat. “If anyone knows someone who may be exhibiting behavior related to conspiracy theories, anti-government, anti-police conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccination, we’d like to know about it,” Tracy Linford urged residents to report their neighbors. Of course, it’s hard to condone a brutal attack on police officers – to be clear. It is also clear that dangerous people had to be eliminated just as brutally by the police. However, one incident, one event, should not be a pretext for surveillance of the entire community; turning some neighbors against others, sowing distrust among them, breaking up local ties, etc.

The anti-vaxxer is crazy

It’s no better in Canada. The government wants to pass restrictive medical laws in British Columbia. Ontario is even considering locking anti-vaxxers in psychiatric wards. The College of Physicians and Surgeons has sent a memo to all doctors in the region suggesting that unvaccinated coronavirus patients should be treated as mentally ill and given medication. Not agreeing to government medical procedures is considered a sign of mental illness. This, in turn, opens up the possibility for the government to take “appropriate action”.

The only legitimate message

Although several skeptical articles about the effects of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign have already appeared in Polish portals, the main “correctness” message is still maintained. No journalist will lean out of quoting specialists not from the mainstream, or quoting “unorthodox research”, because it will be the last day of his work. Opportunities to comment on intrusive propaganda, be it vaccine, war or other, are systematically limited. Under the pretext of fighting “haters”, the possibility of commenting on articles in Interia has recently been removed (previously in Onet, just watch it disappear from Wirtualna Polska).

Punish this doctor!

In Poland, specialist doctors who hold different views from the mainstream are not only not allowed to participate in public debate, but are actively punished. In December 2022, the District Medical Court in Krakow suspended the right to practice (not legally, for the time being) for a year for the head of the infectious disease ward in Dąbrowa Tarnowska, Zbigniew Martyka, MD, PhD. The judges were doctors who were not “infectious”, and the expert was “performed” by a pediatrician, a media celebrity. What was Dr. Marty’s fault? He criticized the pandemic restrictions and the strategy of fighting the “media virus” adopted by the government. His own opinion was enough to try to throw him out of the environment. That’s how you shut the mouths of people who don’t go in packs.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing

The rulers willingly invoke a democratic mandate, obtained in free elections. The fact that under the current electoral regulations it is actually the minority that indicates under what colors the government will be exercised is omitted. Who are the people who decide about the millions then, it is not known. It is also forgotten that a democratic mandate does not give the authorities the right to absolutize their actions. Similarly, environmental organizations or other industry “bodies” do not have such a right. The pluralism of the views expressed is the mainstay of the constitutional right to freedom. Without them, we can expect further building of “velvet dictatorships”, where wolf fangs are increasingly revealed from under the mask of pack leaders.

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