Is it worth investing in Litecoin?

Charlie Taylor

I do not think so…
Possibly i love you scared with the title of this post and I may have just cited one of the assets that is present in your wallet, but I would like to explain why I would never Litecoin or any other cryptography that has the function of means of payment or reservation of value (such as XRP, BCH, BSV …).
To do this, I would like to start this text with the following sentence Bill Miller, one of the world's leading investment fund managers:
“A look at the history of new technological standards would show many instances in which the winner is not always the most robust technology but the one that is early and robust enough.”Alter 2
“A look at the history of new technological standards would show many cases in which the winner is not always the most robust technology, but one that is early and robust enough.”

Robust enough and on time

When we look at the cryptocurrency market today, we realize that we have just overcome a very important brand: 1 trillion dollars of market cap.
A small number compared to more than 10 trillion dollars market cap gold, but it is already a significant brand for a market that exists less than 12 years.Alter 2
cryptocurrency marketcap graph
However, when we think of those responsible for this brand, unlike 2017 when we had the ICOs as the big factor booster the appreciation of the cryptocurrency market in 2022, we can see the dominance of Bitcoin in relation to the market, its valuation being the main responsible for this in the historical mark (along with the rise of smart contract platforms and the DeFi).

When we look at this data next to the Miller phrase I used to start this post, it becomes clear that we started to have consolidation of technology that was robust enough to conquer the market and clear evidence of loss of relevance other currencies that serve a purpose similar to that of Bitcoin.

They're not bad, they just came at the wrong time

Thus, when we think of assets such as LTC, BSV and BCH, they may even present innovations in relation to BTC, but the robustness that BTC has acquired in recent years makes it clear that these assets They lost the race for innovation in this sector.
So now they have some significant failures that will hardly allow its appreciation in relation to BTC in the coming years …Alter 2
I even carried out a full video commenting on these coins, take a look:

The next races

Logically, when reading this post, the next question you should be asking yourself is:
And now that I know that BTC has dominated the payment methods and value reserves segments of the cryptocurrency market, what am i going to invest in?
The answer is simple:Alter 2
We next “Bitcoins” segment DeFi it's from Smart Contracts, but for that it is necessary a very deep study of these two segments in order not to “bet” on the wrong assets.
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