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TUC – train today and become an asset tomorrow

Published: November 1, 2022, 10:00 a.m. Updated: November 2, 2022, 2:43 p.m.The secret behind TUC Vocational College and their students’ success is that they deliver what the labor market wants; ambitious people with up-to-date knowledge who fly into the professional role with the shortest possible starting distance. Important for the supply of skillsAs one of Sweden’s leading universities of applied sciences, at TUC we offer education in several areas in different locations, and at a distance. With us, you can read entire programs but also shorter courses to develop or refresh your skills in a certain industry. More and more people have opened their eyes to the asset that the university of applied sciences is. Anna Ekström, former Minister of Education, expresses that the form of education is an important part of the future’s supply of skills. – Socioeconomically, there is a cost to not meeting demand, she says. Anna Ekström tells us during her visit to the Watchmaker’s School, part of the TUC Vocational College, that in many industries there is such a great shortage of labor. – I think YH is fantastic ! It is good skills development and so good that employers are involved and take responsibility for the training. During the period that I was Minister of Education, the government has doubled the number of YH places, says Anna. The programs that universities of applied sciences offer can only be started if the business world sees that there is a great need for skills. In other words, after graduation, our students enter a labor market where their skills are sought after. As part of the government’s work to simplify career change and get more people to develop their skills, the transition study support was launched on the first of October. The transition study support consists of two parts, a grant and a loan. The contribution can be up to 80 percent of the student’s salary, up to a maximum amount.Combine theory and practiceOur teaching consultants are active within the specific industry and therefore have relevant knowledge to convey to those reading the program. One of the basic ideas of university of applied sciences education is to combine theory and practice throughout the course of study. LIA stands for Learning in Work and is practice, quite simply. During the LIA, both practical and theoretical competence is developed and gives our students the opportunity to make important contacts for a future career, which often leads to a job. Everyone’s right to educationTUC Vocational College is a family-owned and value-driven education provider, which permeates the entire operation. – We believe in everyone’s right to education and a society where all people have the opportunity to develop. We realize many people’s dream of a new job and the employer’s need for competence, says Nina Andersson, responsible for the establishment of new training courses at TUC.Treat yourself to a careerOur students have their sights set on success, perhaps to discover opportunities they didn’t even know existed. Treat yourself to a new or updated professional career – our door is open to a bright future full of possibilities. A warm welcome to us. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with the TUC and not an article by Dagens industri

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