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They lower the threshold for the construction of Swedish shelters

Published: 24 May 2022, 09:00 Updated: 30 May 2022, 17:38Patric Forsberg at SkyddsrumsspecialistenThe number of shelters in Sweden is not enough for the population. Contractors usually have too little knowledge about shelter construction and far too few property owners are aware of what applies. That is the opinion of Jacob Holm, project manager at Skyddsrumsspecialisten. – We are a “one stop-shop” that can help with everything from consultation to building an approved shelter in just four to six weeks, he says. If the war or crisis comes, the shelters important for the safety of residents. Despite this knowledge, no new shelters have been built in Sweden since 2002 – and as the population has increased, there are not enough places for us who live here today. built, renovated and maintained shelters since 1973. They are market leaders in Sweden, operating throughout the country and approved by MSB (SRG no. 740) to perform the work, as well as provide and manufacture components for shelters.A large set of rulesPatric Forsberg, co-owner, says that there are extensive regulations that need to be followed when a shelter is to be built and that the knowledge of what applies is surprisingly low among contractors and property owners. – If there is a shelter in your property, you as a property owner are responsible for the shelter is in a functional condition so that it can withstand, for example, a pressure wave and meets the requirements for different race and weapon loads. If you are rebuilding or new, you must ensure that a functional shelter is available, so you must not demolish a shelter without replacing it. We can help you, regardless of your prior knowledge of which rules apply to shelters, and what these mean for your particular project. Jacob Holm works as a project manager at the Shelter Specialist. He says that they have a unique method for delivering turnkey finished shelters in four to six weeks, which means a problem-free and cost-effective production solution at a fixed price – something that can not least benefit contractors in the planning of new projects.Drag-and-drop solution for sheltersTo simplify the process for project managers and architects, they have developed a free drag-and-drop solution that quickly and easily makes it possible to draw a sufficiently large and approved shelter in the floor plans, without having to budget for consulting costs for the service. Jacob states that there is a lot of money and time to save when using this solution and already in the preparations chooses to involve the Shelter Specialist in a design. He says that they can also be involved during the construction period, as a support during critical stages, to those who carry out the construction themselves. – We are a one stop shop and experts in what we do; our technicians and shelter specialists only work with this and we can therefore offer everything from qualified expert consultants, project management, the opportunity to buy certified material directly from us, to the opportunity to let us build a turnkey shelter for you, faster than anyone else and to a fixed Award. We have put a lot of time and energy into becoming specialized in this area and all employees really have a great and genuine commitment and interest in what we do. It takes a lot to carry a company name like ours – and I can honestly say that we are what we are called! We protect the property owner in peacetime and the civilian population in wartime! Here you can read more about the Shelter Specialist About the Shelter SpecialistIt must be possible to prepare the shelter within 48 hours. Is it possible when it really matters? This is the question we have been asking ourselves since 1973. For almost 50 years, we have built, renovated and maintained Swedish shelters, which has made us the market leader in Sweden. Go to The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Skyddsrumsspecialisten and not an article by Dagens industri

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