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For Swedish scroll down. These procedures and procedures are included in the deletion of prediction. If you have a visa in your country or if you want to get a visa, you will not be able to get it either. This is our recommendation you can easily add it to the selection page. If you are looking for predictions that are made in Switzerland, then one of them is the same as any other. The Swedish police and the police, who propose a good job, in which all the possible ways of transport are organized. Если при въезде в страну с вами свяжется шведская пограничная полиция, вы должны сообщить полиции, что хотите подать заявление о предоставлении убежища, и они зададут вам несколько вводных вопросов. It predates everything in the migration window, which allows us to save on predestination. Tam, the administrator of the migration agency, provides you with the information you need and the purpose of the search. It is important that you have the ability to present documents that are available in each migration. Of course, what you are looking for is something you do not want to forget about. Если вы представили приемлемые документы, удостоверяющие личность, у вас также может быть возможность работать в Швеции (без специального разрешения на работу), пока вы ждёте решения. You should try to find out if you are in a relationship, or if you want to get married, please contact us. If you are unable or unwilling to share this feature, the Migration Agency will organize you to create an event that is unique to you. If you are not eligible for support or support, the Migration Agency will provide you with support that you can use. The various menus, such as the Swedish Migration Agency, organize your provision. If you are in this situation, you should try to find out more about this policy. Шведское миграционное агентство в конце концов призовет вас для расследования дела о предоставлении убежища, после чего примет решение о предоставлении вида на жительство и декларации о статусе беженца. If there is a risk associated with it, you will need to delete it if you want to use it to recover it. If you have the ability to do this yourself, you will be able to get the most out of it. We try to help you process processes that are unique to the language, which you are talking about, and how to upload them. If you have a visa to Sweden or can enter visa-free, you do not need to apply for asylum immediately but can wait. After all, the recommendation is to apply for asylum urgently. You apply for asylum in Sweden by visiting one of the Swedish Migration Agency’s offices for asylum applications, either in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö. The Swedish police and people who volunteer as in some cases have the opportunity to organize transports to the Swedish Migration Board. If you are contacted by the Swedish border police when you enter the country, you must tell the police that you want to apply for asylum and they will ask some introductory questions and then hand you over to the Swedish Migration Board, which will help you with an asylum application. The Swedish Migration Agency’s administrator will ask questions about who you are and why you are seeking asylum in Sweden. It is important that you, if you have the opportunity, submit ID documents to the Swedish Migration Board to prove who you are. It is important that you can show who you are so that your citizenship is not questioned. If you have submitted acceptable ID documents, you may also have the opportunity to work in Sweden (without a special work permit) while you wait for a decision. You have the right to settle wherever you want in Sweden if you find your own accommodation, e.g. with a relative. If you can not or do not want to do this, the Swedish Migration Agency arranges temporary accommodation, often in a refugee camp. If you lack assets or support, the Swedish Migration Agency pays you a daily allowance that you can live on. The daily allowance is lower if the Swedish Migration Agency arranges your accommodation. If you have children, you will receive a higher daily allowance. The Swedish Migration Agency will eventually call you to an asylum investigation, after which it will decide on a residence permit and refugee status declaration. If there is a risk that you will be deported, you should usually get a public counsel in the form of a lawyer to help you. You have the opportunity to wish for yourself who will be your public assistant. You have the right to carry out the asylum process in a language you understand and master. Photo: Areturas Kokorevas | Pexels Pär Johansson2022-03-04T19: 45: 06 + 01: 00

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