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Great values ​​in modern Treasury Management System

Published: 10 May 2022, 09:00 Updated: 12 May 2022, 15:19With a focus on technology, customer value and cost efficiency, Treasury Systems (TS) delivers the market’s most modern cloud service for managing currency and interest rate risks. Among the satisfied customers are several of the Nordic region’s largest companies. Treasury Management is a business-critical area surrounded by complex financial markets and extensive regulations – which are often handled by a lean organization. If good system support is lacking, the work is associated with major challenges: it is cumbersome, there is no traceability and it is not possible to build processes around it. Therefore, many large companies use TS to manage and analyze their currency and interest rate risks. – TS is the most modern system on the market. Thanks to our long experience, we have developed a cloud service with a strong focus on efficient administration, user-friendliness, automation and analysis. There are great values ​​in using our service: it is an investment that pays off very quickly, says Erik Åkerlund, Head of Sales and CEO of Treasury Systems.TS was a fintech company long before the concept was coined. The family business was founded in 1984 by Knut Åkerlund and almost 40 years later, the fruits of early and extensive technology investments are now being reaped. Treasury and Cash Management is a large area of ​​activity. In order to be able to deliver a world-class system, they are therefore also investing in strategic collaborations with companies such as Nomentia, Millistream and Sealfx. – Our global competitors say that they can do everything, but it will be quite half-baked products. We are investing instead in “best of breed”: to be able to deliver cutting-edge functionality in each individual area through collaborations, says Erik Åkerlund.Important with a high level of serviceToday, several of the Nordic region’s largest companies are customers of Treasury Systems. Delivering fast and qualified support is one of the cornerstones of the business. – For our customers, this is a business-critical system, and if a problem arises, it is important that they talk to a specialist directly, they should not have to end up in a call center on the other side of the world. That we prioritize service, dialogue and advice to our customers is an important reason why things are going well for us in the Nordic region, says Erik Åkerlund. The development within B2B SaaS solutions is fast and for Treasury Systems the future looks bright. The company is growing rapidly and development is taking place on a broad front. – Security continues to be a high priority. In addition, we invest heavily in removing customers’ manual steps and processes and in automating as much routine work as possible. In the slightly longer term, we see many exciting opportunities to use AI and machine learning to build smarter functions into the system, says Erik Åkerlund.About Treasury Systems:Treasury Systems is a leading provider of treasury management systems and administrative services in the Nordic region. Through broad and many years of expertise, cost efficiency and first-class support to end users, we increase customer value within the treasury organization. Read more here The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Treasury Systems and not an article by Dagens industri

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