Income Tax: Declaration ends this Monday, the 31st

Charlie Taylor

Today, the deadline for submitting the Individual Income Tax (IRPF) declaration 2022. According to the Revenue Service, the main rule for declaring income tax is the report of those who received more than R $ 28,559.70 of taxable income. last year. On the Institution's website, programs for filling out the declaration are available. Experts advise that a statement that does not have all the information must be sent to avoid paying a fine, and later be rectified.

Income tax

If the declaration is not sent, the minimum fine is BRL 165.74 and the maximum can reach up to 20% of the tax due.Pizza Day FoxbitAnother novelty in sending this year's declaration is that taxpayers who received emergency aid from the Federal Government and had income above R$ 22,847.76 in 2020 must declare the tax, in addition to returning the amounts received from the benefit by them and their dependents.

Revenue expects 32.6 million returns

This year, the Revenue expects to receive around 32.6 million declarations, around 1.7 million more taxpayers reporting to the lion this year, compared to 2020. Of the total declarations, it is expected that 60% will have tax refundable, 21% have no tax to pay or refund, and 19% tax payable.


The Revenue pays the first batch of tax refunds also today. The following people are entitled to priority in receiving: elderly taxpayers; taxpayers with any physical or mental disability or serious illness; taxpayers whose main source of income is the teaching profession; also non-priority taxpayers who submitted declarations from previous fiscal years until February 28th. Click here if you are already an investor

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