In Miami, official taxes will be paid in bitcoin, which Brazilian politician will do the same?

Charlie Taylor

The city of Miami has taken another step towards becoming the most pro Bitcoin city in the world. The city commission today approved Mayor Francis Soares' resolution that allows civil servants and taxes to be paid in cryptocurrency. In addition, the city will also be able to allocate part of its reserves in BTC.
Francis published a video on your Twitter in thanks to the city commission for passing the resolution.

It is wonderful to be a very advanced cryptocurrency city, the city of Miami, and I want to thank my colleagues on the committee for allowing this to happen.

The crypto-mayor's incentive is part of the city's strategy to make it an attractive location for investors and technology companies, especially with the recent exodus of companies from the state of California.
The mayor's text was not fully approved, with regulatory issues regarding the state of Florida to be discussed.Alter 2

Will we see this in Brazil?

In 2018, former mayor of Rio de Janeiro and former pastor Marcelo Crivella, arrested in December on charges of corruption, published a comprehensive study on how to implement the use of cryptocurrencies in the city, according to Estadão.

Historically, power in the world has always focused on three basic factors: weapons, currency and ideas, Crivella said in justification for the study. The idea, however, was never implemented.

Until then, no such idea has been made public. Which politician or city hall would be interested in applying such measures?
It is worth remembering that the Brazilian regulatory power is considerably more centralized than that of the United States. While states and counties in the USA have considerable autonomy under their legislation, Brazilian states and municipalities are still very dependent on federal autarchies.
The jargon of the economic team chosen by Bolsonaro: “More Brazil and less Brasília”, encourages the decentralization of power and resources, but until now it has not been implemented and is another empty promise by Paulo Guedes. Alter 2

I intend to share the power, progressively, responsibly and consciously, from Brasilia to Brazil. From central power to states and municipalities. Bolsonaro said in his inaugural speech.

Will we see such measures being implemented in the coming years? Leave your opinion in the comments section below.
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