IMF is concerned about El Salvador after country adopts bitcoin as official currency

Charlie Taylor

It only took a small country in Central America to adopt bitcoin for the US government and the infamous IMF to contact the president of El Salvador in an alarmist and desperate tone. Not as desperate as some Chinese who believe bitcoin “will kill everyone on Earth,” but international institutions are still concerned about international financial stability, as if there were any stability. World crisis  of 2008, crisis in 2014 in Brazil, inflation affecting several countries (such as Brazil, Argentina and Lebanon) in recent decades, there are thousands of others. We have everything in the international financial order, minus stability. Even so, it is explainable that the International Monetary Fund has an interest in the country. The IMF has a direct interest in El Salvador, the country is seeking a loan of nearly $1 billion to help boost the country's economy, and it has already borrowed more than $200 million last year. "The adoption of bitcoin as the legal currency raises a number of macroeconomic, financial and legal issues that require very careful consideration," said IMF spokesman Gerry Rice. A meeting is scheduled for today between President Nayib Bukele and the international body. Between today and tomorrow we will know the result, many believe that the international organization will be against the adoption of btc. We'll see. It was also revealed by Bukele on Twitter Spaces that the US government is also in contact. El Salvador used the dollar as its main currency. El Salvador has the US as its main trading partner, yet Bukele was not afraid to challenge the world's greatest power by ousting the Supreme Court justices and the attorney general. Washington even sent a special correspondent, but the negotiations were unsuccessful. Apparently, part of the American establishment is freaking out over bitcoin advances. Elizabeth Warren, head of the Democrats in the US Congress, made a 7:21 minute video attacking the cryptocurrency, check out the public shame:

Despite all the data showing that bitcoin actually encourages the development of renewable sources, the myth that cryptocurrency is the villain of the environment persists. On the other political side of the US, Republican Donald Trump was more candid in stating that he doesn't like Bitcoin, as he doesn't like the competition for the dollar. A signal to the party's nationalist base. Read here the statement of the former US president: Trump calls bitcoin a coup, but assumes the real reason for his hatred

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