IAEA: Increasing fighting near nuclear power plants worries


It is worrying that the fighting around the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant is increasing, says International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) head Rafael Grossi. But two of the inspectors from the agency’s delegation are to remain at the nuclear power plant, the IAEA is reported to have agreed with Russia.Published: September 2, 2022, 21:40 “It is clear that there is a lot of fighting going on in the region in general, in this part of Ukraine. The military activity and operations are increasing in that part of the country, and that worries me a lot,” says IAEA chief Rafael Grossi at a press conference on Friday evening, which, among others, the BBC reports from. “It is clear that the statistical risk of further physical damage is present.”It has during the day reported intense fighting in the vicinity of the nuclear power plant. “Directed attacks by our troops in the vicinity of Enerhodar and Kherson have destroyed three of the enemy’s artillery systems and an ammunition depot,” the Ukrainian military said according to AFP. Rafael Grossi and his 14-man delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA ) reached Zaporizhzhya on Thursday after crossing the front between Russian and Ukrainian forces. According to Grossi, the agency knew a lot about the situation at the nuclear power plant even before the agency’s delegation was there. But it’s something completely different to be there, he says.”The difference between being there and not being there is like night and day,” says Grossi. we have been able to evaluate the seriousness of it.”After that work now underway over the weekend, two of the IAEA’s inspectors will stay on for the time being, so that the outside world can keep a continuous watch in the hope that the hostilities do not trigger a nuclear disaster. That settlement was confirmed on Friday by a Russian ambassador in Vienna, the state-run Russian news agency Ria reported, according to international media. Ukrainian spokesmen, however, warn that the Russians are trying to mislead the inspectors. The energy company Energoatom describes Thursday’s work as Russian forces only showing what they wanted the inspectors to see, spreading testimonies from “local collaborators”. six reactors, but only numbers 5 and 6 have been operating lately. And as recently as Thursday, nearby artillery fire triggered a quick shutdown of reactor 5. Further southwest has In recent days, a long-awaited Ukrainian counter-offensive began around Kherson, one of the first major cities that Russia captured last winter. On Friday, both sides claimed success. “The enemy is suffering heavy losses – the number of dead has risen from tens to hundreds,” military spokeswoman Natalia Humenjuk is quoted by, among others, The Guardian. “And their equipment is on fire.” She promises more good news shortly. But Russian sources, on the contrary, claim successes for their own side, and that the Ukrainians are on the defensive. However, the plays from both sides are taken with a pinch of salt by the outside world, as the information cannot be immediately verified.

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