I played Axie Infinity for 1 month, how much did I win?

Charlie Taylor

There's no denying that Axie Infinity has become a fad, and whoever plays is actually making money. There are several ways to profit from this game based on the Ethereum blockchain, trading the game's NFTs, farming tokens and even winning championships. But how much can you do per month? Well, as they are digital tokens we know that prices can vary a lot, and it depends a lot on what you do in-game. However, I played Axie Infinity exactly enough to answer that question in a practical way.

The result of a month playing Axie Infinity

If you're one of those who skips to the end of the text just to get the answer, I'll be straight at the beginning: 474.73 Binance USD (BUSD), that is, almost R$2,500.This is pure profit since I didn't spend anything to start playing. I received 3 borrowed axies with the agreement to receive 50% of the tokens I earn playing. Usually you need to buy 3 “little monsters” to start playing, but to escalate your exposure to the game, some prefer to make a larger initial investment and rent accounts to others play. The institutions that do this are known in the community as "schools", as they also teach how to play to leverage earnings. At the end of the text I will explain how you can also start playing without the need for an initial financial contribution to acquire axies, as well as I made. But going back to my gaming experience, I received the first payout on the 1st of 7th of 169 BUSD and the second on the 15th of 7th of 305.73 BUSD. I started playing on June 13th. Payments were made in stablecoin BUSD deposits to my Binance account, both of which were the result of selling half of the Small Love Potion (SLP) tokens I earned playing Axie Infinity daily. The other half stayed with the owner of the axies.3 axies teamThis is my team of axies, each character is an NFT. My team is called “Axiels Roses”, in case you're in doubt if you've seen me in any arena. It's worth noting that this value of 2500 reais was benefited by the price increase of the Small Love Potion (SLP), which saw a historic high in the last days. There is no guarantee that I will continue to bill this by month, the payments are likely to continue to vary greatly.

How does Axie Infinity work?

Axie Infinity is a card game with adventure mode (against bots) and arena mode (against other online players). Each axie has its own cards and you get them randomly throughout the game. In each round you must analyze the best use of your energy, using your cards or saving for the next round.Screenshot of Axie Infinity gameAdventure mode phase 20 is a great choice to farm SLP quickly. For farm against bots there is a daily limit of 100 SLP. However, there is a quest that can be completed daily and pays an additional 50 tokens. To win you need to check-in, win 10 adventure stages and 5 battles against other players. I've been asked if Axie Infinity is really fun or if I do missions just for the money. I actually enjoyed the game, but the adventure mode can be repetitive and boring at times, especially when you are in the early stages and earn only 1 SLP per game. Arena mode has the same footprint as other online games, it's great to win and it makes you angry to lose. For a brief period I experienced the “daily quest” going down, which decreased the amount of SLP I could earn. Coincidentally or not, the token saw a slight increase in price and ended up dropping a bit when the mission became available again. After playing several arenas, I also realized that you can earn up to 150 SLP per day if you are in a good ranking. Therefore, it is important to win online matches to earn 1, 3 or even more SLP per win. In addition, there are the “big bosses” who give extra value when they are defeated for the first time. The level 21 boss gives 200 SLP when defeated and the level 36 boss gives 300 SLP, but for now I still can't get past phase 21. Farmed tokens can be redeemed up to twice a month. However, in my case, who does this is the owner of the axies who draws and pays me in dollars, as I explained earlier. I only have the account and password to play.

Worth it?

Definitely yes, for those who have already lost money with games, Axie is a turning point. If the 7 years I spent leveling up in Ragnarok would pay me this money, I would have my pockets full of bitcoin. It's not today that gamers are benefiting financially from games. I've already charged to hunt rare items in Ragnarok for other people and I've seen friends charging to teach me how to improve in League of Legends. I believe the Free Fire wave is the last most relevant example of how games can change the financial lives of teens and teenagers. What blockchain games have managed to do is monetize gameplay with their own tokens. The new “game money” now has transparent monetary policies and is listed in brokers, that's the big difference. The biggest beneficiaries, of course, are the developers who earn a fee on each axie sale on the official marketplace, where they are traded millions of dollars in NFTs daily. This increases the incentive for them to always be improving the game, which is still in the testing phase. If you are thinking of investing money in the Axie Infinity ecosystem, be aware that the fact that the game is not yet 100% ready should be taken into account. . In the last few days I even lost some of the daily missions due to server instability, patience is needed. There are still risks of other things going wrong over time, we don't know what the future of Axie Infinity is. It's worth remembering that there are two ways to expose yourself to the game's gains: buying or borrowing. This dynamic is analogous to the entrepreneur and the employee, one needs to spend initial investment, takes risks and has greater profit potential, and the other helps with his time and can earn risk free money. Playing with 3 axies that are not mine , I am in a position similar to an employee (despite having variable income). I believe that the biggest disadvantage of being in this position is not being the owner of their offspring, as the animals can reproduce. Although it spends SLP and the Axie Infinity (AXS) token, the new NFTs can make room for the next player.

Want to know more about Axie?

Blockchain games are starting to revolutionize the market, and although the Brazilian ecosystem is still small, the potential is great. With that in mind, Cointimes is creating a newsletter for you to always be on the lookout for news to gain with Axie Infinity. If you want to stay on top of everything we will be building around Axie, subscribe to the newsletter below.

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