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Published: March 21, 2022, 15:51Systembolaget’s future is digital. And it is the tech company Tietoevry that gets the confidence to follow on that digitalization journey. Systembolaget has decided to extend the current agreement until 2025 – all with the aim of improving the shopping experience and improving the environment.Contact us here for more information on how we can help you further on your cloud journey – We are very happy to extend the agreement with Systembolaget and continue the digitalisation journey together. In recent years, we have come a long way, among other things through a gradual transition to the cloud that has enabled more efficient testing and product development, says Anette Jarlemark, customer manager at Tietoevry. consumers are paramount. This applies not least to the customer experience, which must be perceived as straightforward, clear and thus also confidence-building, while at the same time not encouraging overconsumption but urging moderation in accordance with Systembolaget’s guidelines.

Artificial intelligence can help staff and customers

Here, the development of new digital solutions with new technologies has been important in recent years. An example is “Amelia” which with artificial intelligence can help staff and customers in the shops with suggestions which drinks are suitable for a particular dish or which can suggest substitutes when the product you are looking for is not available. The pandemic has meant that digitalisation has been given an extra boost . Tietoevry has presented a number of solutions to facilitate the work in the store for the staff. Among other things, Systembolaget’s training processes have been digitized and tools have been provided for staff to meet digitally, thus reducing travel and preventing the spread of infection. Parts of Systembolaget’s operations can also be managed from the cloud, where the very varied web traffic can be regulated more efficiently. Reduced travel means increased sustainability, but sustainability work does not end there. Through Tietoevry’s care, a lot of Systembolaget’s hardware is recycled today. For example, as much as 99 percent of all cash computers that were replaced during the year were passed on to other businesses, after which the life cycle was significantly extended. Another example is the sustainability dashboard that Tietoevry has developed, where data collection is automated and environmental figures from Systembolaget’s all strategic suppliers are collected and reported based on each player’s delivery.

The web is central to the digitization work

The web is playing an increasingly important role for Systembolaget. In the next few years, continued development of the website, logistics flows and IT and information security will be central to the digitalisation work. – When we started working with Systembolaget, over ten years ago, the web was not the sales channel it is today. The new buying behavior places new demands – not least when it comes to logistics, stability and security. In the coming years, we will continue the work of creating a first-class shopping experience for Systembolaget’s customers, says Anette Jarlemark.Contact us here for more information on how we can help you further on your cloud journey

Om Tietoevry

Tietoevry is a leading tech company with a long history and presence in the Nordic region. Globally, the company has a total of 24,000 experts specializing in clouds, data and software for companies and organizations in the private and public sector in over 90 countries. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Tietoevry and not an article by Dagens industri

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