How to take advantage of the Bitcoin crash and earn BRL 20 bonus with 99Pay

Charlie Taylor

Bitcoin on the yellow background. Photo: Unsplash Amid the slump in the cryptocurrency market, the 99 Paythe payment wallet of the popular racing app 99, is offering a Bonus of BRL 20 in BTC for those who buy bitcoin through their service for the first time. See the summary of the content in the web-story or continue reading below.

How to take advantage of the Bitcoin crash and earn BRL 20 bonus with 99Pay

Recently, the 99Pay digital wallet, integrated with the 99 app, started offering zero-fee buying and selling of bitcoin. A service carried out in partnership with Foxbit, one of the most traditional cryptocurrency exchanges in Brazil. THE 99 Pay already facilitates transfers by Pix, payment of boleto and gives 3% cashback in mobile recharges. The app also offers a bonus of 220% of CDI for balances up to R$500 (currently resulting in a return of 9 reais per month) and 100% of CDI for balances that exceed this amount. The arrival of bitcoin trading to the app has resulted in yet another way to profit depending on crypto market moves. Making the experience simple, 99Pay allows the purchase of BTC from R$10, only in market orders and without the option to withdraw. To carry out the position, just sell the bitcoins for reais and withdraw them through Pix or common transfer. And to attract more users upon the company’s arrival in the Bitcoin market, 99Pay is offering a Bonus of BRL 20 in BTC for users who register on the platform and make their first purchase. But first, does it make sense to buy now?

Are we in a good time to buy bitcoin?

While bitcoin is in a turbulent time, falling to levels not seen since December 2020, this might be the time to start accumulating. Which is said MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor nationally to CNBC on June 15th. For the billionaire entrepreneur, CEO of the world’s largest business intelligence company, this is “an ideal entry time” to buy BTC. “Bitcoin is the only [ativo] scarce digital space, backed by the most secure computer network, and meets the fundamental needs that everyone has for a store of value for the long term”, he said. And the billionaire showed that he believes in what he said, as he announced this Wednesday (29/06) that his company bought another $10 million in bitcoin, at an average price of $20,817 per BTC. Consonant with Saylor, pseudonymous analyst PlanB suggested that bitcoin could be giving us a “generational opportunity” when touching the important support line of the 200-week moving average.

It is worth noting, however, that despite a great track recordPlanB missed its prediction of $98,000 for November 2021 and took on have held their bitcoins from the high of $69,000 to current levels. So, if you think it makes sense to invest in bitcoin now, or at least start accumulating a few fractions, see how to get R$20 bonus in BTC at 99Pay:

How to earn R$20 at 99Pay

To receive this bonus, which can represent a cashback of up to 200%, if you invest the minimum amount of R$10, just follow these steps: Create in this link and add the mobile number that you have registered in your 99 app; Then, click on “Load” to add a 99Pay balance of at least BRL 10 (I recommend using ‘Pix copy and paste’ for speed); Click on “Crypto” on the 99Pay tab and buy at least BRL 10 through of your 99Pay balance;Done! The amount purchased in bitcoin and your R$20 bonus will appear on your Bitcoin balance. Did you like it? Then share this content for a friend to win too.

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