How to play Axie Infinity and earn money without investing

Charlie Taylor

The puffer fish has reached the 1 million player mark and is still on the rise. Axie Infinity’s main token already sees a 7940% appreciation in 2022, but monetary investment isn’t the only way to ride the wave. month, without investing a penny for this. Just to give an update of the previous publication, I started to receive in SLP, the tokens that we gathered while playing. I won 1,147 SLP on Aug 1, which on the day was the equivalent of 240 USD or about 1,250 reais. Withdrawals take place fortnightly. That’s what I’m going to talk about in this article, with a complete walkthrough of how you too can make money with blockchain games without upfront investment.

Pay to play or play to win?

With a token-based economy, enthusiasts claim that blockchain games have created a new dynamic called play-to-earn, or ‘play to receive’, different from pay-to-win or even free -to-play (free to play). However, as game characters are often NFT based, unique tokens that are paid to acquire, I would call the dynamics of these games pay-to-play-to-earn. to play to receive). This is the case of Axie Infinity, where each axie is a little monster with specific cards and even DNA characteristics. To play Axie Infinity and participate in puffer fish battles, you need to acquire three of them. The quickest option is choosing a few from the official marketplace, but this would cost around $900 at the time of writing this article.

Some of the non-fungible Axie Infinity tokens are for sale at the time of writing the article for 0.1 ether. This initial investment can pay for itself in a month or never pay in full, it’s a risk the player takes at this early stage of the game. Tokens are still small and volatility is significant. Don’t be fooled by my profit from last month, I took advantage of a historic high on the SLP token, which is now about 40% cheaper.

How to play Axie Infinity without spending money

However, as I explained earlier, there are people and companies that are willing to invest heavily in the game, but nobody has that much arm to play with so many NFTs. This is where our chance to enjoy part of the game’s earnings without spending an initial investment comes in. With 3 borrowed axies you do the job of farming as many SLPs as possible in-game and share the profits with the pets owner. It’s the most financially secure way to expose yourself to gambling winnings. Okay, but where do you find free axies to play with? Let me show you have to play axie infinity without money.

Discover Coingoback Play

If you’ve been following Cointimes for a while, you may already have an account on CoinGoBack, a cryptocurrency cashback platform. If you don’t already have one, just create one now by clicking here. The project that started focused on closing partnerships with online stores to give bitcoin back to customers with every purchase, has grown and is now paying attention to the wave of blockchain games.Coingoback

Play is a partnership system for users to earn bitcoin while playing NFT games like Axie Infinity.So just wait, when it’s your turn and the next Coingoback axie eggs are about to hatch, you will be called. The profit sharing model is still in the testing phase, but a percentage of earned SLPs, converted into bitcoin, will be defined for players.

“The risk of starting to play is just a waste of time, if the player wants extra income he can start playing and win without investing his own capital. The biggest risk is that the SLP will fall and he will earn less” – Coingoback’s press office.

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