How to make money writing with the DeFi market?

Charlie Taylor

Want to understand how to make money writing? If your answer is yes, read on to find out how to write and receive payments via tokens and cryptocurrencies on the network's ERC-20 protocol Ethereum.

Writing and Sharing Genuine Knowledge

Currently, people who have an appreciation for writing and knowledge sharing, can work with complete freedom if they really want to study, seek information and enjoy reading. After all, today it is possible to earn cryptocurrencies by writing and reading articles. Of course, you need to work with a focus on the goal, the cryptocurrency market is still a baby, especially when we talk about decentralized finance. Therefore, be clear about the use of technologies, aware of risks and their fundamentals.

How to Earn Cryptocurrencies with SEO and Blogging?

Do you have knowledge about SEO (in Portuguese: search engine optimization) or blogging? Know that your professional skills can be worth cryptocurrencies! Yes, it is possible to create your financial and geographic freedom by making money in cryptocurrencies by simply writing articles.

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We live in very promising times and we are getting closer to the free market for writers and other professionals. Clearly, blockchain, DeFi technologies and digital payment protocols collaborate extensively for the entire community to share articles and content. First, learn more about decentralized finance, and then create an account at Publish0x. Currently, the platform already has more than 259 thousand registered users and more than 125 thousand articles published in 15,620 blogs. You can see the platform statistics in real time. After all, cryptocurrencies allow clarity about money movements on the blockchain.

Blockchain and Free Market for Publishers

Ethereum's blockchain, other blockchains and all the creative and technological possibilities opened up a giant range of opportunities for businesses in various segments. Copywriters looking to earn cryptocurrency payments can write using their copyrighted content, with complete ownership and understanding of the rules of each platform (understanding and following the rules is essential). Thus, we can see that professionals working online are using blockchain enough to create sources of income. So, with little tips or free incentives, you can support a writer and also earn rewards for reading, writing, commenting or sharing. Something that helps individual digital content producers a lot is incentives. So never forget to support and share a text that you liked or learned something freelance

How to Make Money by Writing Digita Articlesis

Consequently, the new digital age has brought about a positive change in the lives of entrepreneurs, thus, many obtained several possibilities to undertake, write and expand the ways of monetizing their creations. First of all, I recommend that you understand how to earn cryptocurrencies honestly and be curious about it. Clearly, work builds up and there is no magic formula, but rather a lot of willpower, periodic studies and constant practice. Do your personal research. You can make money and participate in the cryptocurrency market by writing, teaching something new or selling a product or service. Maybe it's a cliché, but truly, you are the hero or heroine of your professional career. At Conexão Satoshi, we talked about how it is possible to undertake in the cryptocurrency market and earn money with freedom and honesty.

How to Earn Cryptos and Tokens Honestly

As the Brazilian cryptocurrency analyst and writer, André Franco once said: “Cryptocurrencies are better than money”. I'm not going to go into details about why this is, but it's worth your while browsing Cointimes a little more to find out the answer. Anyway, know that there are several ways to make money, mainly by writing, so you can be sure that cryptocurrencies are like money, but in digital format, with robust encryption and that gives you the freedom to create your own business, writing or developing something you love and still making money from your work. So, know how to invest in knowledge, good writing practices and things that catch your attention and are positive for your career. Be aware of the projects you get involved in the cryptocurrency market, assess their reputation and study more about the new economy.

ERC-20 Technology for Copywriters, Copywriters and Journalists

In this way, we can see that platforms such as Publish0x that use Ethereum smart contracts with ERC-20 technology, contribute a lot for writers, copywriters and journalists to discover efficient ways on how to earn money by writing and sharing copyrighted content. The platform mentioned is in the BETA phase, but it is worth knowing a little more about how it works. Ethereum's smart contracts are increasingly sophisticated, especially after the Ethereum 2.0 update. Many applications are being created with the technology and are constantly collaborating so that various professionals can take ownership of blockchain, tokens and smart contracts. The platform conquered in 30 days 1,308,752 TIPS (the free incentive for editors) that were provided by 26,524 users. A total of US $ 23,030.23 was delivered in a single month. 8,804 posts were published by 1,768 users. 22,032 users joined the Publish0x website. The DeFI TVL Soars post to $ 55B (Total DeFi Blocked Value rises to $ 55 billion USD, Feb 11, 2022) was the post with the most tipps, free platform incentive. At the moment, you can receive payments in Ethereum, Ampleforth and Farm, log in to start earning money by writing.

What Will the Future of Money and Work Be Like?

Certainly, the ways to make money have changed, we can see a more decentralized job market soon, free and without many intermediaries. You shape your reality with knowledge, experience, a lot of practice and effort. So, study more about DeFi technologies and find out how future professionals are developing, be in constant learning. In conclusion, you will be able to discover how to earn money honestly by writing, sharing knowledge, being proactive in communities and wisely developing your passive and active income. We are still not entirely sure about the future of work, but we can see that blockchain is transforming business. Knowledge is the key to gaining independence and freedom from money. Collaborate with my work by clicking here.Support my blog!Get to know my trajectory up close:Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Linkedin

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