How To Invest In Cryptocurrency In Australia? Ways To Earn More


Cryptocurrencies are the hottest issue these days, with people talking about them all around the world. But, of course, we all have questions about how to get them, right? So you’re interested in cryptocurrency and want to convert Bitcoin to cash. You might have heard all the success stories of people earning millions of dollars by trading early in the crypto market and selling them at a high price. Possibly you know people who make a consistent income from mining cryptocurrency.

Buying and selling this decentralized currency is all legal in Australia. If you buy Bitcoin or any other digital currency in Australia with fiat currency (Australian dollars), you will not be taxed. Cryptocurrencies are also GST-free. You can begin investing in bitcoin by purchasing or selling it on a reputable cryptocurrency exchange. Although investing in cryptocurrencies is a risky endeavor, the good word is that there are multiple methods to make money from it. Since 2011, this cryptocurrency business has seen slow but steady growth in developer attention, social media attention, and start-ups’ interest. Aside from investing, there are some additional methods of making profits with your digital currency. Here we will discuss some best ways to earn and invest in cryptocurrencies. 

Investing In Cryptocurrencies

Any Australian investor can buy cryptocurrencies using prominent crypto exchanges like eToro, apps like CoinStop, or brokers. Financial products, such as CME trading, Bitcoin trusts, and Bitcoin ETFs, are some ways to finance cryptocurrencies. If you are a newbie in this market, investing in cryptocurrencies might seem intimidating, but by reading the right websites or going through the right channels, you can make informed decisions. To invest in cryptocurrencies, first, you should gather all the information you need and learn about what exactly cryptocurrencies are and why most investors are inclined towards buying them. Here we are going to guide you step-by-step through what you need to know before investing in a cryptocurrency by listing some popular cryptocurrencies and explaining their role in the Australian market. Check out the Ark Coin Price Prediction for 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030.

  1. Ethereum

Ethereum is a highly supplied cryptocurrency, which means it has a market cap of around A$2,679.46 and it is the second-biggest cryptocurrency in the world. Buterin’s Ethereum was developed by the Russian–Canadian programmer, Vitalik Buterin, in 2013 to broaden the functionalities of the blockchain. With the creation of Ethereum, there is now a publicly available platform on which one can build decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. The technology used in Ethereum enables the use of the computer programming language Solidity, which is used to create smart contracts. Now, what are smart contracts? Smart contracts are a set of instructions, written using Solidity and compiled into bytecode, which executes on the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). A smart contract makes sure that an Ethereum account will always have a certain balance or that it will send a message to another account. For example, “Joe is going to give 100 ETH to Bob at a specified date” or “If John’s balance goes below 500 ETH, send 100 ETH to Mary”. In this way, Ethereum allows for direct machine-to-machine transactions without any third party involved and makes transactions even more secure in that the details will be guaranteed to execute as intended by the participants, in a sense that is enforceable by the blockchain itself.

  1. Bitcoin

The average supply rate of Bitcoin is 19.1M BTC per day, and the smallest unit is Satoshi, which equals 0.00000001 BTC. Therefore, the total supply of Bitcoin can be calculated as 19.1M BTC/day x 3150 days/year x 210000 satoshi/BTC = 4.39 trillion BTC. Being one of the highly-rated cryptocurrencies at about A$43,775.79, it has a large number of fans and supporters, especially among Internet entrepreneurs. Bitcoin’s popularity lies in its special mechanism of network consensus and decentralization, which means it doesn’t need to rely on a government or a central bank to conduct its transactions. To ensure safety, Bitcoin Australia uses the card security feature. In this feature, the security card is verified by a SecureCode from Visa and Master Card. Besides Bitcoin Australia, there are many cryptocurrency exchanges that provide quality services in terms of trading.

  1. Dogecoin

This meme token was created as a joke based on an Internet meme featuring a dog with a caption like “Such a coin, much money.” Dogecoin is one of the cheapest yet most famous and most valuable cryptocurrencies that have a market capitalization of A$0.12 at the time of writing this blog. It is highly volatile, but investors are trying to capitalize on the “comedy currency” by raising funds and donations in Dogecoin. It is intentionally supplied in large quantities to create a false sense of demand. Its popularity is because many well-known celebrities, such as the singer Robin Williams and IBM’s founder, have publicly expressed their support for it. Besides the singer, this meme coin gained popularity when the famous Elon Musk tweeted that he would gladly accept payment in Dogecoin. Since then the meme-coin caught a lot of public attention and even attracted big investors such as the co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian. 


Ways To Earn With Cryptocurrency

People often wonder why investors are putting their money on cryptocurrencies when there are high risks of complete loss and what they can do in the real economy to earn a profit. People invest in cryptocurrencies because they know that with great loss comes a great chance of profit. They have found ways to earn a profit by investing in digital currencies. Now we will find ways to earn a profit with the help of cryptocurrencies. Let us do you the honor of telling you how you can make actual money with cryptocurrencies:

  • The Usual Investing: In investing you buy any cryptocurrency of your choice from a digital exchange platform and hold it as a digital asset for some time. When the prices are according to your demand you sell it.
  • Trading: In this, you don’t hold it for a long-time instead, you keep it for a short period of time and keep checking on the market.
  • Mining: You are the manufacturer in this case. For this, you need great knowledge of coding and technical expertise.
  • Staking: In staking, you save your coins in a digital wallet that the network uses to conduct transactions. In return you get rewards.
  • Lending: You keep your coin to lend it to the validators.
  • Crypto Social Media Content Marketing: By promoting the crypto business on social platforms based on the blockchain you earn money.
  • Free Tokens: By promoting or bringing potential investors might give you free tokens. 

Wrapping Up!

The cryptocurrency market is great for someone who is willing for high risks but has confidence in their luck and investing skills. These are some ways to invest in this vast market but make sure to dig deep into the details. There are many resources online to help you know how to invest in cryptocurrency in Australia and more about the crypto world. Thanks for catching up!


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